TUI travelmasters better the industry CSF

Definition Critical success factors (SF) are those factors that are either particularly valued by customers or which provide a significant advantage in terms of costs. [Sometimes called key success factors (SF)] In this case, we have selected 6 critical success factors and for each of them, we will compare TU with its competitors. 1. International presence TU owns about 4000 travel agencies in 20 countries with a very strong presence in Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands as well as in Belgium. However direct competitors are also very good on that point.

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For example, Thomas cook operates In 21 countries. The Online Travel Agencies take advantage of the power of internet to affect a larger panel of countries. We can see that In International presence TU Is very good but is not really better than the others. 2. Offer diversity Thanks to its large number of brands, TU has a wide range of products which enables TU to provide personalized products to its customers. Tour operators are the only ones to offer this service. Indeed, contrary of its major competitors, it can combine made-to-measure travels, low prices and security.

Indeed, thanks to its 50 000 partners all over the world, TU is able to provide simple packages, as much as complex ones such as adventure and trekking travels at better prices and answers almost any particular need for every budget. 3. Airline Network Airline tour operators need to have power in negotiation to benefit competitive prices and to make sure they have a sufficient number of places. Nowadays many of the tour operators have their own aircrafts and control various airlines. Whereas travel web sites such as Expedite don’t have any.

Besides they have a purchasing power of their large Integrated groups, which strengthens the bargaining power of operators. Thus TU controls a lot of airlines such as Britannic, purchasing are centralized and managed in Hanover, which is an advantage. 4. Cost The packages offer good value as they are at very good prices. Do-it-yourself holidays are much more expensive. For example, TU controls various low cost airlines and therefore offers holidays for cheaper prices. 5. High Security The packages offer security for clients but It Is a SF shared by all the tour operators. T offer this service or if so, you need to pay an extra amount to have security for your holidays. 6. Anticipation In comparison with its competitors, TU is very good at planning and anticipating changes on the market. They take into account the environment when taking decisions for the future. Therefore, Just like Thomas Cook, they adapted their strategy to face the 2009 crisis unlike XSL Leisure Group, another tour operator which collapsed because of it. With all these SF, we built a canvas…

From this chart, we can see that TUTU’S performances, whichever the field, are higher Han its competitors. In comparison with them, TU owns various airlines which is a huge advantage and which differentiates it from its competitors. However, other tour operators are the ones with whom the competition is the highest as they offer approximately the same deals. Conclusion We can see that TU Travel masters better the industry SF than its competitors. However, the competition is very high in this industry (as we can see in the canvas which is complex and on which we can’t find easily a blue ocean)