Virgin Mobile are promoting

I believe the advert is set on a street judging by the surrounds that are a paved path and a brick wall the set could be on a high street because the woman is carrying shopping bags so she could be on a street that has a variety of shops. Objects that are included in this advert are the woman and the doll that is meant to be the so-called friend, the reason these objects are included in the advert is to show how determined the woman is to connect the friend to gain 10 off her mobile, a virgin carrier bag is also and object in the advert this is so that Virgin can promote and advertise themselves.

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The product does appear in the advert but in a different way, we consider a friend to be a human being where as the woman in this advert is using a doll as her friend. The colour codes, which are at work is that, the doll has a red packaging that is associated with virgin and we look at the doll and she has all of the bright colours a girls Barbie doll would so the colours they use are very striking to catch your eye and make you stop and read the advert.

The function of the advertisement as a whole This advert is promoting a current deal that Virgin Mobile is holding which is if you spend over 89 on a Virgin Mobile you get a free sim card and if you connect a friend using that sim card you get �10 off your mobile. The narrative is “Get a FREE friend!” we make sense of this by looking at the images we are given and reading the details that are below the visual images. We are supposed to identify the woman struggling to carry the doll that is meant to be her friend so that we can see how determined she is and the lengths she will go to, to get 10 off her mobile.

In this advert we are being promised that if you connect a friend with the extra sim to Virgin Mobile 10 is taken off your phone (Only if you spend over �89 on a Virgin Mobile). The values that underpin this advert is the big bold letters with the slogan “Get a FREE friend!” this makes you want to find out more and the images you are given are very out of the ordinary such as a woman carrying a life size doll along the street also in a large font �10 off is shown this makes readers want to find out how they can get �10 off this is a value of the advert. The woman is in control of the advert because she is carrying the doll in the box and bringing the friend into the shop to connect to Virgin so that she can gain her �10 off also the woman is in control because she is the only real person in the advert because the other woman is a plastic figurine (doll)

The audience for the advertisement

The advert is aimed at people aged between 16-25 my reason for this is judging by the woman in the advert I would assume that is the intended audience the company was aiming for this is why they chose this woman of this age to be in this advertisement. There is no prior knowledge required to understand the advert because the deal is explained bellow the image I would say the only knowledge required is that you know what a sim card is because that is apart of the deal Virgin Mobile are holding.

Publications this advert might appear in would be female glossy stylist magazines because the woman in the advert is very fashionable and the gender’s of the advert is all female so I assumed it is mainly aimed at females, I assume the advert might appear in the accessories area of the female glossy magazine because if they are advertising the latest mobiles when you see this deal it will make you aware and have an interest in the deal and find out further information. I do not believe this advert is any part of a larger campaign apart from the deal that Virgin Mobile are promoting.