We should encourage our customers to complain!

We should encourage our customers to complain! Explain what this statement means, how It should be applied, why It should be applied and why a policy of encouraging customer complaints would benefit your organization, or indeed, any other organization. It means the organizations puts a high important on satisfying their current and potential customers. Their main goal or objective is to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with the service package provided to them The first reaction to customer complaint Is a negative one.

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No matter how much you’ve tried, some of them will not be satisfied. But you should try and see customer complaints in a positive light. Complaining customer are customers who care about getting better service. They want to keep working with you. Therefore, instead of seeing complaints as a disappointment to yourself or your business, try and see them as valuable feed-back. If they don’t complain to you, they’ll complain to others – And that’s a big problem. Not only will you lose them as customers, you will lose others as well.

According to the 2005 TARP study, an unhappy customer will share his displeasure with at least another dozen people. So instead of losing one customer, you’ll actually stand to lose 13. That’s a situation you must avoid at all costs. The customer who complains is a customer who cares – In other words, you’re losing a good customer. The kind of customer who will stick by you and possibly bring others. Think of it this way. To complain takes time. Most dissatisfied customers say absolutely nothing and take their business elsewhere.

Complaining customers will take that time to tell you what’s wrong. This is something that should be appreciated at Just value. They will tell you about the bad things you missed – The outside eye sees things clearer than you’re Inside eye. Customers are also very precise and they’ll help you get straight to the root of the problem. They can become your most loyal customers – These customers will afterward suck by you because you showed you care about their opinions, and then endeavourer to give them the best service available.

The conclusion Is that a complaint isn’t In fact a complaint at all. It’s actually priceless advice. Methods of getting that advice; Ask for complains – It’s the easiest and the simplest way possible. Your customers will know you care about serving them better and that’s an extra benefit right there. You should even aim to getting a regular stream of complains. Make it easy for your customers to contact you – It’s excellent if you can afford a special phone line for complains, but if you can’t a regular line will do. Get an email address, and this one o can keep for complains only.

No matter what contact method you use, include that information In all your marketing guarantees as well as on your website. Make sure all your customers know how, where and to whom to complain. Make a habit out of asking for feed-back – Ten days or so after you’ve concluded a deal, give them a phone call, or send an email. After thanking them for doing business with you, ask them if they have any complaints and suggestions. Be sure to and suggestion form for every product – It’s extremely easy to give each client a short arm to fill in after you’ve finished doing business.

Written complains and surveys can be vague and you will miss out on important information. You can even implement a reward system for complaining – Reward customers for complaining. Remember, complaining customers are doing you a favor. They’re taking the time to think of you and your business. They’re helping you. So show your appreciation with a nice gift, coupon or anything else that might motivate them. Big companies pay serious money for a service you’re getting for free.