Weymouth Steel Corporation

We must address the other 1000 positions, both salaried and hourly that must be cut. The news must be related quickly and thoroughly to all staff that are to be affected. Department heads should meet with all salaried employees first as this lay-off with have the greatest effect on them. After the salaried staff has been informed than the hourly staff must be told. This should happen within a relatively short amount of time.

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A letter explaining the lay-offs and the reasoning behind them should include: ; Statistical data pertaining a 25% reduction in business Lay-off structure ; Benefit information ; Contact person for questions This letter should be distributed at the meetings and placed on the company’s web- site and a hard copy placed In all bobstays for that week. A press release should also be issued to inform the community of the situation and to decrease misinformation. Bottom line is the Wentworth must show tact, but also, concern for the employees whom the situation affects.

I would not include that the salaried employees who are unaffected by this lay-off will be receiving raises. This is not the time to or the letter to relate that information. Saving that good news for after the lay-offs may be the morale booster that Wentworth needs. Wentworth is telling in this case. It is too late for the selling, consulting, or Joining. Those issues should be saved for the post lay-off meeting where the raises are announced and a new company vision is revealed. Thank you for your time Mr.. Harrison and for asking me to consult with you regarding Wentworth Steel Corporation. Sincerely, Spring Arbor University