Zilack Corporation Executive Plan

Table of Contents Executive Summary Purpose Statement 5 Human Resource Purpose Statement – Operation and Production Purpose Statement Department Goals Goals of the Human Resource Department Goals of the Operation and Production Department – Department Activities Activities for Human Resource Management – Satellites for Operation and Production Management Department Task Task of the Operation and Production Management – Performance Standards -? -? 8 Performance Standards for the Human Resource Manager Performance standards for the operation and Production 8 Strengths 10 Human Resources Strengths 10 Operation and Production Strengths Organizational Modifications – 11 Human Resource Department Modifications Operation and Production Department Modifications 12 Interview Questions 13 Operation and Production Interview Questions Department Strength of Workplace Score 14 Summary 14 Appendix A: Organizational Charts 15 Human Resources Organizational Chart Operation and Production Organizational Charts Appendix B: Strategic Alignment Worksheet – Appendix C: Strength of Workplace Questionnaire 23 Appendix D: Purpose Statement Worksheet -? 25 Appendix E: Personal Insights 26 – 16 Clack Corporation owner James Clack Jar. As declared a goal of doubling the company’s current $5 million in sales in the next year. To meet this goal we will need to have a well thought out plan and highly committed employees to execute it.

We will be transforming to a “Strength Based Organization” with the goal of improving our workforce satisfaction based of the scores from the questionnaires. The following summary is our path to success and includes the following plan: O Each department’s purpose statement 0 Managers and Supervisor goals for each department 0 Daily tasks to achieve the outline goals and activities 0 Each functional areas’ rejected performance standards 0 Each functional areas’ supervisory strengths 0 Each functional areas’ new organizational charts With the goals set forth by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Clack to double our sales in the coming year it is important that each department understand and define their purpose.

With this goal in mind each department has, with the input of their employees, defined their purpose statement. The Human Resource Purpose Statement We in the Human Resource Department at the Clack Corporation will provide the highest quality employees thru training and development to meet the demands of very department. We will protect both the employee and the company at all times. The Operation and Production Purpose Statement We in the Operation and Production Department at the Clack Corporation produces the finest quality coffee cup on the market. Our goal is to always meet our customers’ demands both in quality and quantity. Department Goals The company has a clearly defined goal of doubling sale in the next year.

This goal will only be meet if each departments goal is defined and in line with the company goal. The department’s goals were also established and agreed to by all of the employees in the department. Goals of the Human Resource Management 0 Retain existing department employees. 0 Hire two additional Human Resource (HER) generalists. 0 Assist department managers in the hiring of new employees. Support the departments in improving Strength of Workplace scores. 0 Develop a team with representatives each functional area to talk about problems and issues with morale (turn over). Review Job descriptions to assure that reflect expectation and Job duties. Establish a better communication system for information to the employees and a clear way for employees to talk with management. Goals for the Operations and Production Management 0 Retain existing employees. 0 Hire eighteen new employees. 0 Create new organization chart. 0 Raise department score from 2. 67 to 4. 0. 0 Have Operators involvement with the purchase of the new line. 0 Establish a training department for not only the new employees but also existing employees. With the help of the operators establish goals at the individual, production line, and department level. Department Activities To support the department goals each functional area will have specific activities to assure the goals are reached. These activities are building blocks to reach our goals.

Activities for Human Resources Management Supporting goal one: If you need to hire more people the last thing you can afford is to keep losing existing employees. The one activity on the list to support this goal, design employee recognition for performance, cannot be a one item approach. This should include but not limited to pay, bonuses, special treatment like preferred parking places, etc. Supporting goal two: Hiring the two more generalist will help but their goals need to be clear, the focus should be on improving employee relations hour communication and training. Supporting goal three: Have training classes on meetings and goal setting meetings. Supporting goal five: Have a HER representative be involved in but not run team meeting.

Supporting goal six: Have each supervisor and up review the Job descriptions with the operators to make sure they are accurate. Supporting goal seven: Have regular scheduled meeting at each level and at least once per month have a town hall meeting with the CEO on down. Activities for Operations and Production Management parking places, etc. Supporting goal two: Before hiring more people re-interview the existing employees to make sure they are in the Job best suited for their skills. Once you put the existing people into position then you can fill the gaps. Establish exact skills that are needed before starting the interview process. Get operators involved in the interview process.

Supporting goal three: This goes hand and hand with supporting goal three. Also include operators in the determining the organizational chart. Supporting goal four: The supporting goal to raise the department score is very vague and Just doing surveys will not improve it. The survey should be more in- depth to find out why the scores are so low. I would bring in a consultant because they could be neutral between management and the workers to examine exactly what the problem are. Supporting goal five: Select a team of operators to work with engineering on the purchase, start up, and running of the new line, this would get buy in from the operators and show that the company cares about their opinion.

Supporting goal six: Get with Subject Matter Experts (Seems) to establish training classes and manuals, who best to set up training then your best operators. Supporting goal seven: Each area of restorability would select a leader to set goals; he goals would be based on the company’s goals and would use the S. M. A. R. T. Guidelines. Department Tasks Operations and Production Management Supervisors Tasks 0 Evaluate and organize existing staff and open positions requirements. Operators to Engineering team. 0 Develop training program. 0 Establish department goals. Activities for Operations and Production Supervisors 0 Re-interview staff and establish needed positions. 0 Ask for volunteers to be on team. 0 Work with HER and SEEM to build a training program. Appoint 0 The goals would be based on the company’s goals and would use the S. M. A. R. T. Deadlines; employees must be involved in setting goals. To assure the goals are being meet, clear performance standards are established. These performance standards will be used to set the expectations of the department and also be used to Judge its success. The performance standards should be open for all to see and referred to often in team meetings. Performance standards for the Human Resources Manager 0 Fill open positions in the company within two months of the positions’ approval. Review and rewrite, if necessary, all Job descriptions in the next three months. Develop a training program in the next three months.

Performance standards for the Operations and Production 0 Achieve a 99. 9% quality standard on all cups produced. 0 Support sales needs by having zero backorder. 0 Establish overall line efficiency of 90% for both lines. Activities to meet Performance Standards Activities for Human Resources 0 Partner with outside placement services to provide qualified candidates during peak hiring periods. 0 Work with supervisors, managers, and operators to review job descriptions before hiring additional staff. 0 Training: o Interview the best operators on how they perform each task. O Have the HER rainier observe the best operators as they perform their task. Review with Line Supervisor training steps to assure Jobs are being done correctly. O After training, establish a test to verify learning. Activities for Operations and Production 0 A daily review of product produced off each line by the operators. Product will be selected off the line at regular intervals and reviewed by the next shifts operators for that line. Each shift will then rate and score the quality of the product by established standards and provide the score to the shift and line that produced the product. The am that produces the highest quality product for each month will receive a monetary bonus and the team with the highest quality score for the year will receive an additional bonus. In the main cafeteria, a visual board will display the units sold, units produced, units in inventory, and the sales goals for the next month. The line supervisor will review the numbers at the team meeting before the start of the shift. Each employee will receive an additional day off the following year for achieving zero backorder. 0 The overall line efficiency will be displayed on each line based on production scores from the previous day. For meeting line efficiency goals for the month employees will have a free lunch. Also suggestions to improve line efficiency will be rewarded with a $25 America Express gift card. If the department reaches the overall efficiency goal for the year we will celebrate with a family picnic.

To take Clack to the next level and beyond upper management has decided to move the company to a strength based origination. The goal in moving to the strength based approach in selecting and developing employees is to find a seamless fit between a Job role and an employee’s talents. When a person is in a role that plays to heir greatest strengths, they are much more engaged in their Job and will be much more productive. The following strengths have been identified as ones to move the company to their goals. Human Resources Strengths 0 Maximized. 0 Relater. 0 Communication. 0 Connectedness. O woo. Three additional complementary strengths: 0 Arranger. Empathy. 0 Consistency. Operations and Production Strengths needed to achieve our goals are: 0 An “Achiever strength,” because they have stamina and are willing to work hard. They also take pride in staying busy and understand the importance of productivity. A “Strategic strength,” because the company will be going thru a lot of change and I want someone who can see order and create calm during chaos and clutter. A “Maximized strength,” because I want some to take what we do and make it better. I don’t want good, I want great; not Just in our product but also in our people. An “Included strength,” because of the need to build a team atmosphere.

For a production department to be at its best it must work as a team. Every worker needs to understand that we succeed as a team or we fail as a team but failure is not an option. AAA “Developer strength,” because a lot of people will be facing new rolls and challenges. People will be stepping into roles of more restorability and we will be adding a lot of new people. Three additional complementary strengths: 0 A “Command strength,” because with all of the changes at the company we need people to step up and take charge. They should be able to make a decision and take control of any situation. 0 A “Communication strength,” to be able to explain the companies goals and objectives.

We need workers to understand where the company is headed and what role they play in reaching the goal. A “Self- Assurance strength,” because with all of the changes and new people coming into the company I want someone others can look to for a calming influence. Great leaders are always calm when others are in chaos. Organizational Modifications To meet the sales goals, upper management has approved the hiring of additional staffing in each department. Outlined below are the suggested changes for the Human Resource Department and the Operations and Production department. See Appendix A for the suggested organizational charts. In Human Resources the two new positions will be Generalist.

One of the new sections will focus on compensation and benefits and the other position will be policy and procedures. The compensation and benefits Generalist will make sure the company is maintaining a competitive edge in the market when compared to other companies in the area and in our market field. To attract new employees and more importantly to keep existing ones we need to make sure our employees are pay competitively and are getting good benefits. The policy and procedures Generalist will review all of the existing policy and procedures as well as create new one to assure we are up to date and are treating our employees equally and fairly.

Operations and Production Department Modifications In Operations and Production we will be adding a new production line, currently the existing line requires 6 operators but because of improved automation and design, the new line will only require 5 operators. Also with the input from the team of operators working with engineering on the new line, improvements were made to the existing line that reduced the labor required to 5 operators. We are adding 18 new employees to Operation s and Production. We will have two lines running production on each shift and be running on a three sit five days a week schedule. This will allow us to work overtime on the weekends if the demand exceeds the current forecast to double production. Each line will have a Shift Supervisor with five operators reporting to them. The Shift Supervisors will report directly to the newly created position of Shift Manager.

With the increase in production it is important to have additional help and guidance at each shift. A Manager on each shift will help meet those needs. A new Operations Director position has been created that will report directly to the Vise President (UP) of Operations. The Managers from each shift will report to Operations Director. With the additional line it would not be feasible for a shift supervisor to handle ten employees, most which are new to the company, and meet the demands of production. Therefore each line will need its own Supervisor. Adding a Managers position to each shift is required because of have two Supervisors on each shift.

There will always be decisions that will need to be made that will require the give and take of the supervisors; if both supervisors are equal then conflicts can arise. Having a shift Manager will also give the Supervisors more time to focus on the needs of the employees. These changes will result in better communication and improved relations throughout Operations. Also with the added management positions new opportunities for advancement and career paths have been created. An important part of building a strength based organization is hiring the right people and important part of hiring is asking the right interview questions. The following questions will be part of the standard interview question to build a strength based organization.

Human Resources Interview Questions 0 What causes you to lose your temper? Operations and Productions Interview Questions How do you take advantage of your strengths? How do you compensate for your weaknesses? 0 What would you do if management made a decision you didn’t agree with. Department Strength of Workplace Scores One of the Clack’s corporate goals is to raise “Strength of Workplace” scores to a minimum of 4. 0 in all departments, currently the Operations and Production departments scores are currently 2. 67. In order to increase the scores the following will be implemented: 0 Work with HER and department personal to review and clarify job descriptions.

With input from line operators and Engineering purchase new nine and make improvements to existing line. 0 Before we are add new employees, interview existing employees to evaluate the best use of their talents and assure they are in the right Jobs. 0 Develop a management training program that ALL supervisors and up must attend. 0 Develop a company Mission Statement and Goals, then have each department develop their Mission Statement and Goals to coincide with the companies. The Mission Statement and Goals development must be with input from the employee level. The employees must feel that it is their Mission and Goals not one developed by management and handed to them.

Have the Mission Statement and Goals for each department signed by every employee in the department, then display the statement in their work area so it is a constant reminder. At least once a month ask each employee how they think they are doing meeting the mission and goals. Start an “Employee Suggestion Program,” the suggestions will be reviewed by a committee of their peers with management and have rewards for ideas used. Summary By implementing this plan the Human Resources Department and the Operations and Production Department would be able to support the corporations goals of doubling sales. This is an exciting time for Clack corporation and an exciting time for the employees as well. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead and fell confident in our success.

Appendix A: Organizational Charts Human Resource Department Human Resource Vice President Manager Human Resource Human Resource Generalist Generalist (hiring) (training) (compensation (policy and and benefits) procedures) New Position are in Gray Operation and Production Department President Director First Shift Operations Third Shift Supervisor Vice Second Shift Production Line (new line has five employees) Production Line improved line has five employees) employees) (new line has five (new line has five employees) Appendix B: Clack Corporation Strategic Alignment Worksheet Operations and Production Name: _Dennis J Murphy Corporate Goal: Double Company Sales Human Resources Operations and Production Checklist 1. Ensure staffing requirements are met. 2. Retain existing staff. 3. Hire and train new staff. 4. Raise Strength of Workplace scores too minimum of 4. 0 in all departments. 5. Plan, organize, lead, and direct the human resources of the company to meet the goal of growing the business by 100%. 1.

Double current production rate. . Add one production line. 3. Reduce scrap and waste. 4. Organize the newly increased staff to efficiently use resources-?create a new organization chart. 5. Lead the employees by providing a clear mission and goals through carefully crafted communications. 6. Create adequate controls and communicate performance to the company to ensure organizational focus. Department Manager Goals 1. Retain existing department employees. 2. Hire two additional HER generalists. 3. Assist department managers in the hiring of new employees. 4. Support the departments in improving Strength of Workplace scores. 5. Develop a team with