10 Lessons in leadership

1. Be cautious of labels Know what you are doing and how to complete your objective. 2. Everyone deserves respect Show respect for everyone you meet. But you deserve respect as well. Hold your head up high, but always be humble towards others as well. 3. Courtesy makes a difference Show a kind gesture to someone. Not only do you both benefit, but you will be treated with respect if you show courtesy to others.

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4. Take time to know your people Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Don’t write someone off because they are inept in a certain area. Find out where their strength lies and utilize it. Know your own strengths and weaknesses too. 5. Anyone can be a hero Everyone has strengths. If you can know your team and their limits, everyone can be a hero by using their strengths to their advantage. 6. Leaders should be humble No one shows respect for an arrogant leader. If you show others respect, you will gain respect from others.

7. Life won’t always hand you what you think you deserve You have to go out and work for what you want. Nothing is deserved-you have to go out and get it. 8. No job is beneath a leader A true leader knows how everyone feels; they see things from every perspective, top to bottom. In order to do that, you must step into the shoes of people at the bottom 9. Pursue excellence Always do your best, and then do better. Never settle. Excellence is the foundation of leadership. No leader was ever average in their work ethic.

10. Life is a leadership laboratory There is no equation for leadership. Everyone reacts differently to different people. As a leader, it is your job to connect with everyone. You have to interact with people individually. You have to go through life to discover for yourself how to interact with people sincerely. If I put a poster of one of these up in my room I would choose the slogan of “Pursue Excellence”. To pursue excellence is the essence of being a leader. Being a leader isn’t necessarily to be the strongest, smartest, or most talented. Being a leader is to be the hardest worker. No matter what your abilities are, you can always beat talent with hard work.

My grandfather in India exemplifies these qualities. He was a doctor in the army, taught at many highly regarded institutions, and now works volunteers many hours treating underprivileged children in the slums of Delhi. He was also awarded the rank of General before retiring from the army. I consider him to be a hero. He is a frail man, but is always saluted by the many who have worked with him. His leadership comes from his work ethic, willingness to help others, and relentless perseverance in solving a problem.

Letter below was copied from an e-mail sent to him Dear Grandpa, I’d like to thank you for everything you have done. To start, you have personally helped me understand how to see the world. You have taught me to appreciate what others have accomplished and how to understand things from another point of view. I appreciate the work you have put in throughout your entire life to give my parents and I opportunities in America. I know this was always a dream of yours and I hope that I can use what you have taught me to carry out that dream of yours. I know I don’t get to see you very often, but I thank you profoundly for showing me how to live a life well lived.