Becoming Good Tutorial Designers

We are intensifying the quest to empower our learners by allowing the students to become contributors to their classroom learning community. Our model is Alan November’s six roles he outlines in The Digital Learning Farm. One of these roles is The Tutorial Designer. Alan asks : “Who do students go to when they are having difficulties completing a homework assignment?” Most of them will call a ...

Comfort Design Press Release Example

Newsworthy hook & story linked to current events in client’s industry.
Industry: Home Decor


Shoppers Counteract Faltering Economy With Brighter Colors; Comfort Design Leads The Home Furnishings Trend With Exquisite Choices

High Point, NC — Once again, shoppers’ reaction to the state of the economy is setting the mood in fashion and ...

Nally & Millie Brochure

An informative Press Book highlighting the owners and the company in a professional, approachable style. Accompanied by lead-in letter.
Industries: Fashion, Apparel


Founded in 1999 by co-owners James and Nally Park, the Nally & Millie label combines James’ management expertise with Nally’s talent for unique, trendy adornments.  With designs strong in ...