Business Plan

Management principles through application of the said principles In real situation, as partial fulfillment of the subject requirements. b. Contextual Environment of the Project We had observed the school’s premise has insufficient number of computers available for the students who need to do their academic requirements. The opportunity given by the library to use computers is limited due to the number of students.

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The utilization of the librarys computer doesnt cater much of the student’s omputer-related Jobs. II. Needs Giving Rise to the Project The students of Global Reciprocal Colleges were our Immediate consumers that we considered In making this project. The students’ demand for appropriate tools In computer-related actlvltles, projects, assignments, researches and the Ilke Is an opportunity that gives rise to our project. The facility of the school doesn’t have sufficient tools to provide these demands.

We also consider the factor of accessibility of the available computer services (our competitors) near the school premise. Students often walk outside the school to rent computer service; the time spent in alking is very inefficient because they have only limited time to rent. Another factor is the affordability of the computer services, majority of these services offers a standard cost for a limited time (usually, an hour usage will cost Php 15. 00); this kind of setting is inflexible for the needs of the students. c.

Project Rationale To deal with the problem, we develop a business project, “Onet”, that sult to the needs of the students In computer-related Jobs. The project “Onet” Is strategically located at the corner of Global Reciprocal Colleges to have an easy access to our mmediate consumers a “Piso per four minutes” rent cost. This is a convenient way to save time and energy for the students. d. Project Mission and Vision The business anchors its foundation to its Mission and Vision, to have a distinct purpose why the business exists.

This become a necessary tool in creating business plan and in every decision made. i. Mission statement “Onet” will provide a service addressing the needs of its immediate customers on it. Vision statement “Onet” foresees its operation to conveniently help its immediate customers and affordably sustain their needs in a accessible location. iii. Slogan statement We make sure your work is conveniently easy” Ill. Area Profile Global Reciprocal Colleges’ ground level (see appendices B: actual photo of the location) is a strategic location of our planned business.

We had considered the accessibility of the business to our immediate customers, which are the students. The location is surrounded with some establishments like Banco De Oro (BDO), Mercury Drug, Angel’s Pastries and canteens. In front is a wide car parking lot. Behind the establishment is the school’s canteen. The location has an approximate floor measure of 5 x 6 meters and an approximate height of 4 meters (see appendices C: approximate floor measure and the immediate establishments located around the location).

The location has enough space to cater our machineries and equipment, as well as customer space allowances. e. Scope of the Project The scope of the project only caters the needs of our immediate customers in terms of computer-related service such as internet surfing, typing, saving file, office words, printing hardcopies and other academic purposes that need to have a computer service. We don’t offer beverages and snacks inside the location to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.