A child development through parenting

A child development through parenting Parenting or child rearing Is a process of support a child physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual development through childhood to adulthood. Every person in the world neither gets parenting nor gives parenting to others. Parenting Is not something that you only can get from your parents. People can get parenting trot their siblings, teachers and so on. In my view parenting is one of the hardest Jobs in someone’s life. It could be the most stressful or could be rewarded.

There is great affect in child developments which is appends on parenting. My research question that I am trying to find out is how does a good parenting system affect on child developments? I found an article about parenting named “The impact on parenting styles on children’s development” by Eric Loop. In this article the author explained how parenting style is a burning question in our society. A child’s future depends on how much education can provide by their parent. She also mentions the styles of parenting that are found by psychologists.

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Eric Loop also mention that there are Authoritarian, Authoritative, remissive and uninvolved. In the article she mentions the positive and negative parenting impact on a child. However, this article is not too detail for the entire parenting sector. But it gives as much definition of the category of parenting style as need. I found this article Important for me because It gives me a sense of what Is parenting and what are some parenting style. The second article I found that in New York Times newspaper named “The benefit of positive parenting” by David Bernstein.

In this article the author explains that there was a triple P project ‘positive parenting reject’ research by many states. He shows there are many good aspect of triple Up’s project. In South Carolina the study of triple P get popular. On the other hand some states in South Carolina do not get the triple As benefit so there is still increase the amount of abusive child. I like that the author also explain how gun violence and mental Illness of a child Increase In the united states. Moreover, the author shows that triple ms helps parents to have a better relationship with their child.

This program may not get popular all over but it has a positive effect on child placement. The study proves that this triple P decrease depression, unhappiness, anxiety and drug addiction. “What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one to the hardest things you’ll ever do but In exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love” by Nicholas Sparks. Parenting is one of the important works for parents where the child learns an unbendable and uncountable love from their parents. As I am reading the first article that actually shows what are basic problem that a child face In order to parenting.

In the article “The Impact on parenting styles on children’s placement” Eric Loop said that the Authoritarian parents are strict and controlling, the Authoritative parents are enthusiastic and caring, the permissive parents are way too much lovable to their kid and ignore kid’s mistake and the uninvolved parents do not pay any attention to their kid. The author said In the article “While it’s tempting to think that your little one will grow and master new abilities on her own or with help from a skilled educational professional, your own ‘Off parenting style tigress in as prime part to development”.

Most to the parents do not eave ideas how to increase a child development through the parenting. However, the second article that I choose it gives an answer to my question. There is a way to teach parents how to take care their kid. What is some benefit of it? The process is triple P (positive parenting project). It helps to make a strong and higher relation between parents and the kid. This program will help parents to expose their love to their kid. The author also shows that punishment could be a very negative impact on child developments.

Eventually, kid gets involve in smoking, drug or any violence activity. In the article David Bernstein said “The essence of the research is that children do best when they receive calm and consistent feedback and assertive discipline that’s based on reasonable expectations – with significantly more encouragement and positive feedback than criticism. “The main mistake parents make is forgetting the importance of catching kids doing the right thing,” says Sanders”. Therefore, the author proves that a clam and regular positive feedback and enthusiastic parents can make their child future best.

In our class we read an article “Where have all the arenas gone” by Barbara Defoe Whitehead shows that parents are now more commercial that they didn’t pay much attention to their kid development. They are more likely accepting their kid how to get benefit from kid. Single parents also have a negative effect on child developments. A child is the capital of a nation. Day by day parenthood lost its power and parents focus on their own achievement. Also Junco Ditz novel “This is how you lose her” catch my attention. Junco Ditz explains what the condition of Humidor’s in childhood. Younger abused from his dad and his mom.

His mom never pays attention to Younger. His mom only care about his elder son. Also his dad lives far from them which made a wall between Younger and his dad. The lack of parenting love has an abusive effect on Humidor’s life. He is cheating on many girls. He can’t satisfy with anyone and searching love. It proves that parenting have a great effect on child development. However, parenting can be seen in many area of our life. I live with my sister family. She has three kids. I saw parenting of my niece and nephew very closely. My sister cares her kids and tries to make a good connection with them. But she can’t control her temper.

She gave them punishment that makes a lot distance between her kids. Now her kids talk very little with her. Most of the time my sister get depress and unhappy about this situation. On the other hand her kids get a negative view that made her daughter hate being married and having baby. I scared the distance may not get more far. I get an idea which may reduce their distance by applying triple P project. Basically I think all parents should get some knowledge or education how to parenting a child for better development. An abusive parenting can make a violence full person which is harmful for a family as well as for he society.