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Performance appraisal is one of the most important activities in every organisation. It helps the organisation to improve its performance and individual employees as well. The process of appraisal consist the following steps, stating objectives, developing standards, system design, preparing for interview and conducting the interview. Appraisal will be successful when the process is followed in an exact manner and the method that suits the organisation. Appropriate method of conducting appraisal should be selected by the company.

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The method should also be related to their objectives and needs. It identifies the problems related to performance of employees and provides solutions to overcome the problems. Specific training needs are also identified and effective training is provided to employees in the areas in which they are actually lacking. A meeting is arranged by the managers before the process of performance appraisal begins. It is mandatory to every employee to attend the meeting irrespective of their post. The meeting is arranged exactly a week before the performance appraisal process starts.

This information is provided to every employee. Every employee is given the date and time of his or her appraisal which makes them attend the appraisal without failing. Employees are then asked to be prepared for the appraisals. As an important step of their career, employees also take it very seriously and do their work seriously before and after appraisals. 360 Degree Appraisal: The 360 degree feedback appraisal is mostly used as a method of performance appraisal to gather traditional sources of information.

It is more often used for the developmental purposes where managers get aware of their strengths and weaknesses. 360 degree appraisal is termed as the combination of information from self appraisal, sub ordinate appraisal, peer appraisal and feedback from other internal customers, with the possibility of including external suppliers and customers. Critical Incident Technique: This method is one of the early attempts to move away from trait rating approaches and was advocated by Flanagan. The supervisor sets some incidents to each employee which is related to work behaviour.

In this method rater is required to observe the positive and negative behaviours of the employees in the given review period. It is the method which is based on the description of the events which does not depend on the rating and ranking systems. Critical incidents can be exceedingly useful in helping employees improve since the information in them is more detailed and specific than in methods that involve rating employees. Collection of relevant data or information is very important to take up any research study. Without data, researchers cannot get the appropriate results they wish to get.

There may be lots of information available directly and sometimes information should be extracted from other sources. No source can provide fully relevant and accurate information. The quality of information also depends on various factors. The approaches for data collection are broadly divided into two sources: primary sources and secondary sources. Primary data is very essential to researchers to carry out the research study. There are different methods to collect data from primary sources. Researcher selects the appropriate method suitable for the study.

There are various sources to collect primary data such as questionnaires, interviews, observations, case studies, forced group interviews. It is very important to remember that, what ever the method is selected should be clear to the respondents in understanding the main purpose of the study. The main objective of the researcher to conduct the questionnaire survey in AVIRSCO IT SOLUTIONS (P) LTD was to acquire the relevant information on the staff perceptions and their experiences about the present performance appraisal system in their organisation.

The researcher has found it very easy to conduct interviews at AVIRSCO IT SOLUTIONS (P) LTD as researcher has good relationship with each and every employee of the organisation. As the researcher has been visiting the organisation on the regular basis so it was easy for him to have permission to conduct interviews. Prior notice was given to the interviewees and arranged an appointment for interviews. The interview was formal and the questions were very simple which helped in better communication.