A Marketing Audit

Moreover, the striking allow label on chaplain honey packaging brings a strong appeal to products. It is useful to attract customers to buy chaplain honey products and set up the brand image. Chaplain honey has two packing plants and distribution centers, which help the company, become one of the largest honey packers in the world (Celebrating 60 Years 2013). 3. Nakedness Although chaplain honey heritage spans over 55 years, they also exist some problems. Firstly, due to some beekeepers provide pollination services need a part time basis, and sometimes the service will reduce the efficiency (Centre for

International Economics, 2005). As a result, the value of professional pollination services was not horticulturalists to appreciate. On the other hand, because lack of some standards and codes to control the pollination services and improve honey quality, the pollination services were provided by some beekeepers is through beehives to reduce strength (Centre for International Economics, 2005). Beside, the ability of beekeepers to produce the honey was limited by the reduction of public land. It has affected the ability of beekeepers to maximum product honey.

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Nowadays, the honey industry facing the present situation of the ageing labors force. The young beekeeper lack of management skills, meanwhile, the honey production capacity is limited due to the lack of bee keepers not willing to change management practices (Centre for International Economics, 2005). It also makes bee hard to reduce disease and pest risk. 3. Opportunities The chaplain honey has 70 per cent of the market on the domestic market, which means chaplain honey has a strong competitiveness (Centre for International Economics, 2005).

Due to the company has a strong competitiveness; the company can push their products to other countries. On they other hand, because the honey market adheres to the purpose of clean and green, this means an increasing emphasis on sales of branded tin or Jar honey more than bulk honey. Chaplain honey can use its advanced packaging technology to research and development of new SOOT Analysis: A Marketing Audit By sereneness the products of chaplain honey are most belonging to edibles, it has vast prospects on development of medicinal and cosmetic products