A passion to do the job

The concepts of this article is four dimensions: influence, interpersonal facilitation, relational creativity, team leadership can help managers hire the right employees, make the best work assignments, reward performance, and promote career development. Recruitment: this is the process by which an organization fulfils its need to find new employees. It requires a question company to ask themselves for get people who have the people skills that firm lack: what type of person is needed to fill the vacancy? ( Person specification. ).

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When identify employees’ skills into four dimensions. Match them into the ability that firm lack, it can help overbalance the ability of whole firm. For example: a leader of a team might have influence skill and he or she might love to choose people who have similar ability. Then this team will only have strong influence ability. If every team has all the four dimensions ability, teams will overbalance. People get different responsibility by their own ability in the team with their interest (normally people are interest the things they did well).

So the speed of doing work is quicker, communication between them are effective, well thinking, strong leader and good relationship between collogues by four dimensions skills. This can help improve productivity as everyone is motivated and did a good job. This is also can be a nonfinancial reward to employees. Both external and internal of firm will benefit by this. As a great and effective human resource management, firm can let good resource stay and motivate lazy employees. It can help firm achieve management by objective. All the employees in teams will focus on same objectives and firm’s overall goals will easy to be achieved.

However, it is hard to identify human resource into four dimensions correctly by psychological test. This test cannot be 100% accurate. I check about the psychology test in the website writer provided (www. careerleader. com/people) I find there are more than hundred questions about the test. People maybe do not have patient to do every question and we cannot say a person’s communication skills can identify just by some test and questions. Moreover, if a person have more than one skill or non, how to match this person with correspond job? And how can them combination to a team? There maybe impacts between people who have variety skills.

These factors all need to be considered. Propositions: 1) Firm should test employees’ communication skills during recruitment. Not only care about the candidate’s technical ability. This can help a new employee join colleagues easier with a good communication skill. Colleagues may help new employees on work problems. This may help firm reduce cost and time on training. To know a candidate’s completely skills are good for company. Only technical ability is not enough if this employee cannot work with others, so the aim of overbalance cannot be achieved. A firm is build by team not individuals.

But I think technical ability is important compare to communication skills. If a people who have a excellent communication skills but without any other ability, how can he or she bring benefit to a company? 2) Match people’s interest and give them respond job is kind of motivate. This can help them improve productivity. As the writer’s think of people’s skills can identify into four types by psychological test. When you discover the type of skill that person has, give him or her correspond job, it can motivate them. People will put more effort on the things they interesting, they will have a passion to do the job.

Apart from that, it is team working and job empowerment. Empowerment is a modern term for delegation. Empowerment means having more power and control over working life. Having the scope to make significant decisions about how to allocate own time and how to move forward. Team working is the attempt to maximize staff satisfaction and involvement by organizing employees into relatively small teams. The key features of such teams are that they should be: multi-skilled, so that everyone can do everyone else’s job, working together to meet shared objectives, encouraged to think of the future as well as the present, in a spirit of kaizen.

However, according to FW Taylor’s theory: people only work for a reason-money. If cannot fulfill their basic needs, they are hard just work for a interesting forever without support their standard life. 3) Recruit from both internal and external. The method of recruitment and selection used will depend on: level of job within the organization, location of the job, size of the organization, resources available, cost, supply of labour, historical factors, approach and attitudes of management. Recruit internal means find the ability firm lack from existing human resources. Training may help develop lack skills.

For example: in the article teach the ways of develop relational skills. It help firm reduce costs to recruit new employees, existing employees can variety skills and have more responsibilities, it can motivate them by Herzberg’s two factor theory. Also as existing employees already know company very well, there are less problem by them doing new job immediately. However, recruit external can bring new skills and new relational skills into firm. If the person already have the skills that firm need, training can be reduce, cost and time are save to a firm, it help get more profit. 4) Use psychology test identify people into four dimensions.

Encourage scientific management. Scientific management is the attempt to make business decisions on the basis of data that is researched and tested quantitatively. Use research can give managers more data help recruit correct people. However, data could not be 100% accurate. And as I write above, a persons’ relational skills is hard to identify correctly by test, more factors need considered. Methods employed: analyzed psychological tests of more than 7000 business professionals, and use factor analysis, a method of statistical analysis, then identify four distinct dimensions of relational work.

It is a quantitative research because by the definition: quantitative research means research using pre-set questions among a large enough sample size to provide statistically valid data. This article use more than 7000 professional is persuade as they all have long career experience and know relational skills very well as almost of them have this ability. Therefore the data collect by them are valuable. In the other hand, the questions of this psychology test have more than 100 questions; it is doubtful people who doing this test have patient to do all the questions seriously.

Moreover, psychological test cannot be 100% represent people’s relational ability just by ask some questions. And from this article, I cannot find who did the analysis and identify people into four dimensions. It makes this article less persuade. Therefore when managers use this method to recruit right people firm need, they can do this research and help them identify if this candidate have correct relational skills firm needs. But this is just help managers know more about the candidate, firm cannot 100% rely on the results of this test, more factors need be consider.