A toy company

The two types of organisations i. e. a international bank a toy company have vast differences in terms of doing business, in terms products and services that they offer and the information systems they use. To see some of the major differences between these two types of organisations we will consider some real life organisations in these fields, for a International bank, National Westminster’s Bank in short Natwest and Teletubbies the toy company. One organisation looks at entertaining the people while the other is for helping other people save and manage their money effectively.

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One is a service and the other is a manufacturing company. They will each have different policies and they will run differently. The type of Information systems they use and the requirements of their information systems are completely different. The kind of people they employ will be different, as a bank such as Natwest will be looking for someone with qualifications and the other company will be looking for people who are local and will not be that much bothered about the kind of qualification that potential employee possess.

A Small toy manufacturing company is involved on manufacturing of toys and selling them.. These toy companies natural customers are children aged 4- 15 at the most. .Its ultimate aim is to make ; maximise profits. Since it has to reach out directly to the customers it has to distribute its products to retailers. The other difference between the two organisations is the Information system they use for their daily business purposes ,which entirely depends on the customers, the structure of the organisations and off course the ultimate purpose of the system.

Macro Environment : It is concerned with the national economy as a whole, so it includes national growth rates, inflation rates ,international trade balances and value of national currencies. These are factors which would mainly affect the IS for an international bank but a manufacturing company must also consider the changes in inflation rates and the national growth rate as it can have an affect on the price it sets on its goods/services and whether or not to increase or reduce its workforce.

The cultural and global environment is affected by people ,fashion and trends and the relationship between the two is how people relate to business activity. So customers, suppliers, employees, and the general public are part of the cultural and global environment. The recent developments in this environment is Telecommuting. This allows employees to work from home with all possible office facilities available to them.

This is more related to International Banks as they do have a lot of clerical work such as this to do. Whereas the manufacturing company does not relate to things like telecommuting because it deals more with making and producing things at a high volume which is almost impossible to do at home. However many manual jobs (toy manufacturing company) have been eliminated/ automated and as a result meaning less labour is needed.

Robotic machines now carry out dangerous jobs so it’s altered the workplace environment and thus reduced accidents in manufacturing organisations. .( Elliot & Starkings, p203)Technology has become a part of our daily use. It is almost impossible for any organisation to ignore technological benefits and the wide array usages of it. It is very important for storage, processing, calculations, communications etc.

Both organisations have different needs served by technology like for instance,For a toy manufacturing company such as TeleTubbies, It uses robots and other computer aided machinery to manufacture toys ,which saves the company valuable labour, production loss that could be caused by manual labour, and technology provides a niche over other competitors by means of product design and outlook, because they could use computer aided design (CAD) to design its future products and re-design its current products.