Advance through technology

A free-phone telephone number also appears below, this encourages people to call up, as they feel they have nothing to lose by dialling the number. After that a woman narrator reads a long part of dialogue. I think that they chose a woman to read out the script in order to balance out the fact that the man was driving the car the whole time and this car can also suit the needs of a woman driver. This also reinforces the point about this being a family vehicle and a woman completing the family.

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The dialogue is as follows: “Life is full of decisions (minor pause) some of the head, some of the heart. Take your next car for instance will it have a catalytic converter, which removes 95% of pollution? Will it be clean and yet lose nothing in performance? Will it have all of this at no extra cost? In short, will it be one of the next generation of Audi’s? Vorsprung Durch Technik as both your head and your heart would say.”

The music in the background while the woman is speaking is sinister and very mysterious, creating tension. The mood then changes as the music sounds harmonic and angelic, the choir then sings in a high pitched tone for a comparatively long period of time, enhancing the viewer’s suspense. The woman narrator asks rhetorical questions. These questions help engage the viewer, making them think about their current car, whether it possesses the qualities that the new Audi’s can offer? The narrator also uses the figure “95%” which is cunning as well as realistic, not overplaying the brilliance of the car, yet succeeding in emphasising the high-quality of the catalytic converter.

In addition the voice over tries to imply that the car is also environmentally friendly and that by purchasing it, not only has your head made the right decision to buy the car, but your heart has too by being compassionate to the environment. This will ensure that the world remains clean and safe for the next generation, being the child and the new born baby. To conclude, this powerful advert created by Audi succeeds in achieving its goal, being to sell their new generation of car to potential buyers.

They have achieved this by using the evolutionary process of transportation dating back to the penny-farthing bicycle to today’s modern Audi car. They have also used circular imagery to promote the cars smooth curves and amazing ability to handle corners, reinforced through the constant use of object such as the zoetrope and the carousel being depicted in the background. The ‘new generation’ theme of the car is brought out by the birth of the baby and the new addition to the circle of life. This is saying that throughout the ages Audi will constantly bring out new cars in order to keep with the times, and always “advance through technology”.

With the help of Hitchkockian suspense methods and dooming background music the advert manages to entice the viewer, ensuring they remain loyal till the end of the advert. The music being played throughout the advert also helps make it effective. The advert begins with classical music, and changes to become dramatic and gallant as the advert progresses, creating a heroic atmosphere as the car faces up to the tests being confronted with and succeeding. This is clearly apparent as the car confronts the pouring rain and the music gets louder and makes the viewer proud of the car’s performance and beguiles them to purchase it.

The car is shown to be safe and secure by protecting its passengers and proving to be a harmonious ride inside contrasting with the hostile environment and gruelling weather conditions of the outside world. The fact the Audi is a family car is emphasised by the apparent bond between the father and son, exacerbated further by the closed space within the car and how content the two feel in each others company.