Advanced Internet Application Development

Create a contact list editor for an ASP-NET web site. The page you create should alternate between a summary display and an editor display. When the user first arrives on your page, show a summary list of contacts in a Greedier. In it, each name has an edit link beside it. 2. When the user presses an Edit link or button, open an edit screen so the user can change the name or contact Info for person listed by the link. When doing this, hide the summary information.

The user should get a screen much like this: There should be no screen flicker when the summary panel Is hidden and the edit panel is displayed. 3. You are welcome to design your own implementation, but one way accomplish the page Is to create an patterned and Insert two Panel controls as Illustrated here: Copyright 02014 Doug Steel. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced. Displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. Page 1 .

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This is an Ajax assignment, so there is no need to create persistent storage using a database. 5. Upload your assignment to the MIS. Cull. Deed server for grading. Please contact our lab manager, Chris Ware, if you need help accessing your account. Submission Turn in your assignment on the MIS server (MIS. Cull. Deed) on or before the due date. Late assignments are accepted but they accrue late penalties of 20 points (20 percent) per day after a 24 hour grace period. Assignments submitted more than 5 says after the grace period earn a grade of zero.

Please note: 0 Assignments must be submitted on the Web server. (Instructions for accessing the server are at the bottom of the server home page at http://MIS. Cull. Deed. ) Assignments turned In via e-mail or thumb drive will not be graded. Reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written Page 2 0 You are expected to test your own code bettor submitting it The grader is prohibited from “pre grading” or telling you about mistakes before you submit your ark.

Grading Criteria The grader will consider the following attributes of the project you submit 0 The project should compile and run without generating error messages 0 The code should be neat, organized, and easy to follow 0 Your submission should have a few comments in the code that explain what is to be accomplished and how it will be accomplished. 0 The program should meet the specifications spelled out in the problem statement. It should produce the correct output for a given input Page 3