Advanced Professional Development

I Definitions I Descriptors Score outcome I Score I I Pragmatist I You are a practical person I You like to solve problems I You enjoy experimenting to improve techniques I You frequently come up with the answer to a problem I You only interest in theories is to see if they work in practice I You dislike situations where there is no clear, practical I You work well to deadlines. The expertise of others I I Theorist happening I You learn well when I You are expected to make practical decisions I Using simulations and case studies I Learning from proven good practice, using the examples and

I Pragmatist total = I You seek a logical explanation for everything I You like to think through all the possible implications I You are only comfortable once you can account for what is I Some might regard you as a little detached not to deal with very emotional situations I You prefer structured situations I You prefer dealing with facts rather than feeling. I You have to analyze the activity I You preterm thought experience of others. Theorist total = Carrying out a lengthy and detailed task which requires much I Discussing the views and

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I Activist I You are an enthusiast who will try anything I You enjoy a challenge I You enjoy working with others I You prefer to be the centre of attention I Long-term implementation is a weakness I You are easily bored acting I Reflector: things are done first I You don’t always put in enough thought before starting I You thrive on responsibility. I You learn well when: I Thrown in at the deep end (e under pressure) I Faced with role plays and outward -bound activities. I Activist total = I You are a thoughtful person who thinks hard before

I You prefer to observe how I You makes notes and ponder on them before acting I Most of your discussions are about work, not chit chat I You find it difficult to make quick decisions I You would prefer not to take a leading role I You dislike having no time for reflection. I Listening to (and discussing) the views and experience of others detailed task which requires much thought. I Reflector total = Daily time log Carrying out a lengthy and Complete one of these records for each day. Jot down the activity and decide on the priority.