Advert a bigger chance

Underneath, TEASE is written in normal font, so it is metaphorically symbolising the way a lot of girls/women flirt and tease their crushes then get colder, playing hard to get. In a rounded pink box above IMPULSE ‘ooh! NEW fragrance! ‘ is written. The ‘ooh’ is a word that is commonly used and the target audience will be able to relate to. Also, new is highlighted, emphasising that it is new and not the same old same old like every other fragrance. The language that is used is very important, as it uses words that are used in everyday life by everyday people.

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The background is a pale pink, showing a hint of girlieness yet the fact that it is pale gives it more sophistication and maturity. This is a very light, funky fresh kind of advert that warms to people and it is a very memorable one. This advert is really reminiscent to the T. V version and in the T. V version, the hints and clues are confirmed, with numerous young women spraying the spray on themselves, and each time, a man runs after them. The women pass on the fragrance, and he chases it. They are teasing him and he is giving in to it.

This feeds on the target audiences’ insecurities. Many girls/young women might not admit it but male attention makes them feel more confident, as if they are likeable. I love this advert and I think it is very effective. I have already bought this product and I know many peers my own age who have bought it too and they loved it too. These two adverts have many differences and similarities. One of the biggest differences is the colour. IMPULSE uses lots of colour, while ROMANCE is still as effective without colour.

IMPULSE uses colour to create a positive, sweet, pretty image to allure younger audiences, and ROMANCE uses the non-colour to create a sense of mystery, ambiguity, and secrecy. It is seen as a sexual icon, to give its wearer sex appeal and mystery. Also, ROMANCE is laid out on a double page, while IMPULSE is on a single page. It is extremely more expensive for a double page then a single page, with the prices doubled for a double page and this is in some way, RALPH LAUREN showing off and trying to stand out.

Also, with a double page to the advert, it has a bigger chance of being seen and noticed, even if someone was just flicking through. ROMANCE uses two models in their advert, plus a photo of the product. This gives a clearer image of what the perfume will supposedly do and make you feel like. On the contrary, IMPULSE uses a leg and its’ product, leaving more to the imagination and giving it an air of mystery. ROMANCE uses the same big bold font writing, showing it is fierce and strong, whereas in IMPULSE, the writing font changes quite a lot and it is considerably smaller.

It is as if the writing is changing on impulse, and it has many different sides, it’s not always the same. Sex appeal is used in both adverts, however ROMANCE uses a more romantic, movie type of sex appeal, while IMPULSE uses a more energetic, fiery, fast sense of sex appeal. Both adverts tell a story, both using sex appeal, but ROMANCE uses a more grown-up, sultry kind of sex appeal, whereas IMPULSE uses a more girly, fantasy tale kind of appeal. Both adverts are trying to portray lust and attraction towards the other sex.

Both these adverts are in Glamour magazine, and I think they fit in very well with the magazine and in the context of where they are, as Glamour readers usually range from 14 to 40, and the ROMANCE will attract the older women between 25 and 40, whereas the IMPULSE will attract the younger women, usually between the ages of 14-24. Both adverts are very appealing and they allure different parts of people in different ways. ROMANCE uses a sexier image of a mature man and woman, whereas IMPULSE uses a naked leg, which has a teasing, younger, fresher feel to it.

I like both of these brilliant adverts and they are very effective towards their target audience. They are both very alluring, but I do prefer the IMPULSE one because it is more to my style and ROMANCE is a bit more for older women, the way it is portrayed in the advert. Probably in a few years time I will change my mind but for now I think for me, the most effective for me is IMPULSE. However, I’m not saying that ROMANCE is ineffective, it just doesn’t appeal to me as its not really aimed at people my age.