Advertisements the product

In the GARNIER advertisement the deep clean foaming wash emphasises that if you use this product then you will have young fresh looking skin. I think that this adverts appeals to teenagers. As teenagers are conscience of themselves and all want to look like the model with immaculate looking skin. But mature women also want youthful skin. The use of the mirror enables you to ‘take a closer look deep clean skin’ making the results become clear. The bottle of face wash is splashed with water almost appearing from the water.

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This shows that it is pure, clean and natural with no chemicals. The white background shows cleanliness. The description of GARNIER deep clean foaming wash has been made to be very subtle, as readers wouldn’t want to read paragraphs of writing. If the advert had words and no pictures it would make the advert very unattractive. Pictures and action makes the advertisement stand out and eye catching to the reader. The language used in this particular advertisement is very intriguing and persuasive: ‘Take a look At Younger Looking Skin’

L’OREAL is advertising sublime bronze, which is a self-tanning moisturiser. This advert could be aimed at both men and women. I think that men would also be interested in this product as the women looks sexy and seducing. They would also quote that if all women could look like the model in the advertisement then its is a miracle cream. The background has been made to look like the sun, for a natural bronze looking tan. The main part of this advert is the woman. Her eyes are very persuasive and her dress is showing of her natural tan.

She has also made a quote that the self-tanning cream really works with no sun damage and she to loves it too. Women are most likely to believe that it really does work if model says so. The headline: ‘100% natural looking tan on a smoother skin’ The words have been made to stand out with a bold word after every other word. This headline has also been written in bronze writing, which stands out to the reader. As in the GARNIER advertisement the writing is also subtle. Like with most advertisements their logo has been placed on the bottom right hand side of the page.

This were readers are most likely to look. Rimmel is advertising sun shimmer cream. This will give women a temporary natural looking tan without the any artificial treatment. Sun beds, self-tanning cream etc. On the girls bikini there are two badges one of the badges is of a union jack this is telling readers that it is British made. The other badge has a singer this also says that it is star quality and the product will go far. The young girl is wearing a bikini this is saying that you can wear the product anywhere.

And you can show as much as you like off and it looks great too. At the top of the page the girl is wearing a silver neck less this is telling the reader that you can also wear the shimmer cream in a club or a special occasion. The blue nail varnish and the small text are also telling you this. In the text it reads ‘… Beautiful with glam tan that shimmers all day and night’ In this particular advertisement the language used is very stimulating and captivating. The product that is being advertised has been placed in the right hand corner of the page.

In a slim line bottle. This is could bring attention to the readers how it looks and how it could be applied. The company has also placed their website address in order for the readers to look at other products which they have produce. Similar to most advertisements the product or name of the company has specifically been positioned in the corner to catch the attention of the readers. All three advertisements are made to attract the attention of the female gender. All women love to look beautiful having youthful complexion and perfect figures.

These advertisements are to convince women that if they buy their product in the advertisements they too can look like the models in the advertisement with young beautiful looking skin etc. All women will try any beauty product and all adverts will try to convince them that they work. I think that it’s just about how good the adverts are. People only pay for the name and believe it works because of the name. Putting a product against a beautiful model in the advert will convince women even more. In most advertisements the language used is captivating and very persuasive to make you believe that, that product is the best.