Advertising campaigns in each area of the media

Examine and evaluate how the media presents advertisements. Comment on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in each area of the media. INTRODUCTION: Media is a way, in which people receive information from others. It is a way of communicating. Media is increasing all the time, and people expect to know everything that is going on in the world. Media has many different forms, adverts, newspapers, Internet, the list is endless, and the media will keep on developing, and finding more successful and faster ways to get information across to us. Without media, we would not be in touch with our country, or the rest of the world.

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The media uses advertisements, so that they can target certain products to a specific audience. It is an effective means of making a profit from other companies. Also, the companies can associate themselves with a particular advertising company. Advertisers use the media, because it is the only way that they can successfully advertise their products. They can advertise to a wider audience, and they can advertise their products in such a way, that they are only seen, by a specific targeted audience.

Advertisers also use the media, because they need to compete with other companies, with the same or similar products. To do this successfully, and beat the other leading companies, the advertisers need the media to use special high-tech strategies, to make their products look miles better than their rivals. The media has many different outlets that it deals with. These include newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards etc. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages. The most popular way to advertise products is on the television.

So, firstly I am going to study television advertisements. This medium is one of the most successful means of advertising. This is because the information reaches a wider audience, as most people have access to a television. This means that companies can advertise on a global scale. Also, advertisements on the television, have an advantage of using high-tech equipment to create special effects. There are millions of special effects that can be achieved on camera. I will mention a few of them. Extreme long shot, this shot is used to show a whole scene, like a landscape. The Smirnoff drinks advert is an example of this camera shot. It is used at the beginning of the advert, when there is a wide shot of a concert hall.

Also, you can use close up shots. These shots are effective to show detail on an object, or show facial expressions. The Glade Duet advert is a good example of this camera shot. The advert starts with a picture of a woman and her dog, then the camera goes onto a close up of the Glade Duet. Slow motion is also a very effective technique. It can be used to emphasise a dramatic moment. As well as camera effects, the advertisers also add special lighting, graphics and sound. Music, and sound effects are very important in a successful advert, to create the right mood and image. So, for example if you were advertising an energy drink, you would use energetic music, to fit with the advert, and to convince people that the drink will give you more energy. But, if you were warning people about speeding, you would use a atmospheric, slow piece of music.

Quite a few adverts use silence in their adverts, it is sometimes is more effective than music. This is because it intensifies our attention, and makes us look at the advertisement. It gives the adverts a sense of urgency. A big part of the advertisements effectiveness, is the use of persuasive language, and different tones of voice. Facts and figures are also very persuasive, because we like to know a bit about the product. They are always giving facts and figures on car advertisements. Another trick advertisers use, is to use a celebrity to promote their products. This makes consumers want the products, as a celebrity is using them It also boosts the image of the company advertising the products.

The last point I am going to talk about is the use of propaganda. This is where the designers of the advertisements, put a secret message into the commercial, to persuade us to by the product. So, without even realising it, the adverts have influenced our opinions and emotions. So, with all of these effects and tricks they can use to grab at our emotions, it is easy to see why television advertisements are the most popular and successful means of advertising. The two television adverts I am going to describe and compare are the Oral B toothbrush advert, and the Lurpack butter advert. The Oral B advert starts off with a lady picking up the toothbrush. Then the camera moves on to a digital image of some teeth. It shows the head of the toothbrush, and how many food particles it gets off your teeth.