Adverts in magazines and newspapers

For this section of my coursework I will be concentrating on the difference between still adverts i. e. adverts in magazines and newspapers and adverts shown on the television. The point of adverts is to promote products, and make perspective buyers know of the product. Adverts are very affective especially one’s with a slogan or a theme tune as these are what people remember, T. V adverts in my opinion are better than magazines as they get the point across better and use more affective methods. I’m now going to take an advert from each of the following I’m going to talk about each one.

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I’m going to start with television adverts. Telewest advert The sky digital advert is very catchy yet effective, the advert consists of a cartoon lady and her dog there is a theme tune in which the lady is singing to in the song she’s singing about the her wants i. e. if I decide to come home late I want my programmes on a plate, its promoting the new product from sky. This is trying to encourage people to invest in the latest sky box in which you can record your favourite programmes so you don’t miss them. This is a very well put together advert: however it starts to become irritating after hearing the advert many times.

The advert makes people aware of the product and without a doubt causes sky to make a huge profit. The advert doesn’t really say much about the product except that you can record and replay all programmes you miss. It doesn’t mention the price, terms and conditions if there is any thing that may prevent you from becoming a customer. In my opinion the advert is aimed at possible telly addicts, teenagers who will pester their parents to buy it, children as they will like the theme tune. It’s quite an open audienced advert by that I mean will appeal to many people.

Personally at first I found the advert funny and would sing along, but I’ve heard it so much it’s started to become boring and annoy me. But I think it’s a clever advert what with all the different scenario’s sung about and the way the creator creates this little lady she struts around falling in a TV and driving a car. Phone advert from a magazine. I have chosen to do an advert on a phone from a magazine I found this whilst flicking through my magazine, I chose it as it caught my eye I don’t usually read adverts but in this case I did.

The advert is raising people’s awareness of a new siemens mobile it’s claimed to be a girl’s best friend! The advert is particularly good as it explains why the phone is better, well more advanced from previous models. In the advert there is a picture of lady with the mobile around her neck sort of like a fashion statement she’s replacing a diamond with the mobile. The writing used is very persuasive as it is in most adverts; well they are trying to get you to buy/invest in something. The caption reads sleek, sophisticated and sexy, it’s easy to see why the siemens CL50 is every girl’s new best friend.

With its light and compact clamshell design, blue dual screen display and polyphonic ring tones, the siemens CL50 adds a brilliant sparkle to your day. So as you can see this writing will inspire many women to go and buy this phone. I think the adverts mainly aimed at women between the ages of 15 and 40. This advert is good but I feel more could have been said about the price and other information as many girls will set their hearts on it, go to buy it and will be upset to learn that its to expensive.

The trouble with mobiles are that there are so many manufacturers there is nearly a new phone every week, so there’s never really a good time to buy the latest mobile as in two weeks a newer model will come out and the phone will be labelled as old. The way adverts are set out vary increasingly, the best adverts are those that are informative colourful big bold writing and contain a picture. They should have a target audience. I personally prefer to watch adverts on the television rather than receive them through the post, in newspapers magazines and phone calls. I don’t mind the TV adverts except irritating ones. I. e. heli beds.