An Effective Marketing Mix

All these sponsor are well known companies this mean that Kensington are benefiting from this because having a well-known sponsorship will generate more awareness for Thorpe Park. Viola drinks Ltd Product- A new smoothie-type fruit drink code name strawberry glut 001, which is targeted towards healthy young individuals aged between 14 and 30 years old. Price- The price has been priced around the El . 39 – EH. 39 price mark depending on the size of the unit, viola drinks Ltd provide Juice sizes including mall mall, mall and mall.

Place- The smoothies will make at the factory and then it is dispatched to its customers Promotion- the smoothies will be promoted on social media websites on Advertising The Advertising would be very important to Viola drinks Ltd because they would have to increase a lot of awareness to the product, so internet marketing would be effective because viola drinks Ltd can use their website and also use social media campaigns so attract more customers. Sales promotion Viola drinks can pay internet search engines for example Google. Mom to be featured on their main page , so by using this method viola drinks Ltd will more aware to potential customers. Public relations Viola drinks could can send live information who sign up to their website. By doing this customers from the email will feel valued and appreciated and this will motivate them to product the products and spread the word. Personal selling Personal selling could be that viola drinks Ltd can give customers a special vouchers for signing up to the website and then this increase the amount of customers who register.

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Direct marketing Viola drinks can use direct marketing to communicate directly with their customers, for example calling register customer and motivate them to buy more product at a heaper price. Sponsorship Viola drinks could pay companies like Thorpe park and Kensington to sponsor viola drinks because the theme parks are associated with a fun summers day out and selling smoothies would be perfect because when get hot they can Just cool down with a smoothie.

UP describe how selected organizations use internet marketing Last minute promotions for Viola Drinks Ltd Special offers- viol drinks Ltd can use 2 for the price of 1 offer this means that customer can buy 2 smoothies for the price of 1 smoothies, this means that more customer would attracted because they are save on money. Also viola drinks Ltd can give students 25% because student a more likely to spend money so this could generate more sales and profit.

Email- Viola drinks Ltd can use email to send special coupon to the people who have ordered smoothies with before meaning that more customer would want to be a smoothie so they can get the special coupons Text- Viola Drinks Ltd can send a text to their registered customer about a one day special discount day where the sale only lasts a day, this motivate customers to shop with viola drinks Ltd because potential customers would want get the same discount as all other registered customers Last minute promotions on Kensington world adventures Email – Kensington would uses email to communication with registered customers and give them special voucher or coupons to thank the customers for Joining and visiting Kensington Social media- Kensington world adventures could use social media for example, Twitter and Backbone to let people know about the launch of a new reallocates and also let customers know the special offers for example, Kensington world adventures would give customer live information they need to know. Social media will be very effective because it will Kensington followers regular and live updates which they could receive on their phones ,tablets and computers for example, this would increase sales and profit as well as more potential customers. Peaking the benefits to customers of a business using internet marketing The benefit of internet marketing to customers at Kensington world adventures 1. : The first benefit of internet marking to customers is that customers stay updated, through online adverts, social network sites, emails and websites because majority of customers can access the internet on the go through technology like, tablets and smart phones . So by constantly using these methods to contact customers Kensington world adventures can immediately update their customers by using the internet. 2. 0: The second benefit of internet marketing to customers is transparent pricing. The pricing on the Kensington world adventures is very transparent and clear so this will help the customer’s access Kensington pricing information 3. 0: The third benefit of internet marketing to customers is Responsive transactions this basic means how quickly purchasing services and products is.

For example Kensington customers have to be registered with the online website, this means that Kensington World Adventures will have their customers address, name and contact details so when the customer want to purchase a ticket from Kensington all the required details will be already there so the transactions will be quicker. 4. 0: The fourth benefit of internet marketing to customers is the online customer service. This is where customers can write a review on the product or service so if other customers are thinking of purchasing the product or service will see other customer’s opinions. 5. : The fifth benefit of internet marketing to customers is chat. Chat is where customer can speak directly to a member of staff on the internet. Kensington have a set person whose Job is to answer the customers questions sent to them on email about queries and general knowledge.

The benefit of internet marketing to customers at Viola Drinks Ltd complaints are a process that customers take via the web to complain about a service or a product that they purchased. This benefits customers because it is simpler to get your point across and also because it is not face -to- face the customer will more keel talk about their real feelings about the service or product their purchased. 2. 0: The second benefit of internet marketing to customers is comprehensive and up to date information, this is information given to customers in a fully completed and large content meaning it has a full product specification and the full product details. This benefits customers because they know what their purchasing with all the prices and details. 3. 0: The third benefit of internet marketing to customers is chat.

Chat is where customer can speak directly to a member of staff on the internet on general information. This benefits the customers because it saves time and they can order their product more quickly and resulting their product being delivered quickly. 4. 0: The fourth benefit of internet marketing to customers is 2417 shopping. 2417 shopping is where customers can shop on the website every day and every time even on Christmas day. This benefits customers because they can order anything at any time with no restrictions. 5. 0: The fifth benefit of internet marketing to customers is better pricing, this where the viola drinks Ltd make their products cheaper online than the in store prices.

This benefits the customers because they can save money by shopping online because it is cheaper and they can get their moneys worth. Marketing UP explain how internet marketing has made a selected business more efficient, effective and successful Product The benefit for viola drinks Ltd that internet marketing has on the smoothie codenamed Strawberry Glut 001 is mass customization. Mass customization lets customer customize or tailor their products to suit their tastes. Benefits A benefit of mass customization is that more customers will be pleased as they will e able to buy the product that they may want. Therefore customers will more likely to do repeat business with viola drinks Ltd and this will increase customer retention.

Opportunities The mass production can give a business opportunity to viola drinks Ltd by increasing the customers buy their products and so by doing this this will increase revenue and sales. Efficiency Mass production is efficient because as viola drinks Ltd can produce more of the same product this means that viola drinks Ltd will reduce labor costs can increase the rate of production. Effectiveness Mass production if effective because viola drinks Ltd can get all their stock produced at the same time and the same place. This will increase sales because there is more Success Viola drinks Ltd is successful with the use of mass customization to meet customer needs. This means that viola drinks Ltd can make sure that their customers are kept happy meaning an increase in profit and customer retention.

The benefit of price for viola drinks Ltd that internet marketing is dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing means when a product or service price changes due to the high or low level of demand. Benefit The benefit of dynamic pricing is that viola drinks Ltd can rapidly update their prices according to the factors for example, like the time of the year. Also dynamic pricing can help viola rinks Ltd can target new market segments for example customer that only look for the low prices. The opportunity of dynamic pricing are that I gives viola drinks Ltd a better chance to assess their target market and also to market their product at the right price in order to increase sales and profit.

Efficiency Viola drinks Ltd is efficient on pricing because as they are always offering new deals n the products that aren’t selling , this means that they are looking at what customers are buying and also what product they might think customers might buy if they were on offer. The pricing is effective because as they offer a range of products at different prices, this means that customers with a budget can obtain something on the website and this also means that viola drinks Ltd can reach a wider audience. The success of pricing is that viola drinks Ltd can increase profit and also increase the sales by expanding on their audience. Awareness.

Viola drinks Ltd can use many different of getting their brand known. Social media websites is one way of increase your brands awareness for example, Twitter, Backbone and Mainstream. By using these methods you can let customers know the latest promotions and keep them up to date with the products. By viola drinks Ltd using social media this mean that viola Dennis Ltd can gain customer loyalty and if viola drinks Ltd is successful using social media it will also increase the trustworthiness. The opportunity of brand awareness is that it will increase sales. If viola drinks Ltd uses market to its full potential, this will then increase the amount of customers and also increase good reputation.

Viola drinks Ltd is efficient when it comes to promotion because they are always offering promotions on the products and this will motivate customers to buy the products, also there efficient because they send promotional email on their products and previous products the customer brought. Viola drinks Ltd uses promotion effectively because they always offer promotions therefore a higher chance to gain sales. Viola drinks Ltd uses promotion in order to increase customer retention, revenue and profit. Also offering promotional offer to existing customers will motivate them to buy he product and lastly they use their web to analyses what products the customers prefer to buy meaning promoting these product will increase the amount of customer shop with viola drinks Ltd.

The benefit of price for viola drinks Ltd that internet marketing in place is SEE (search engine optimization). SEE is when a business for example viola drinks Ltd designs there website so there customers can search using keywords and find out what their looking for that associates with viola drinks Ltd. The benefit of SEE is that it is used to increase the chance or higher profits from ales because of their website being high in the internet research results. For example if you go on Google and types smoothies, viola drinks Ltd will be on the top 10 results for the research. The opportunity of search engine optimization is that is helps viola drinks Ltd to reach to a wider range people and a bigger target market.

For example if viola drinks Ltd had one shop customers from different countries will miss out because there is only one shop but by being online that mean that viola drinks Ltd can operate internationally can this will increase profit and sales Viola drinks Ltd uses internet marketing in place because this means that they can save money on buying a premises to sell their products. This makes viola drinks Ltd more efficient because they can process customers’ orders quickly. By being online viola drinks Ltd can expand wide on their audience, if viola drinks Ltd had one shop they can only target their products in their local area so by being online this means that viola drinks can reach to the whole county and internationally. As viola drinks Ltd can reach to a wider audience by operating online therefore viola drinks Ltd will make money and increase sales.