An imaginary product

The aim of this project is to make a video storyboard, made up entirely of stills, for an advert to be shown on a mainstream television for an imaginary product. It should target teenagers in a non-sexist manner, and feature all the conventions of adverts. It should last no longer than a minute. In my group we decided to do a new energy drink. My group is made up of Rafay, Alex, Tural and myself.

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My group aim for this project was to make a successful advert, but my personal aim was to learn new editing software, also to get to know my group. Before staring the project we researched into existing energy drink adverts and products, like Lucasade. We looked at the brand and the product of other energy drinks and did audience research into what type of energy drink teenagers to day want. From our research we found that all the adverts were lively, fast, and colourful and they had some sort of popular culture reference in them.

We had many varied initial ideas; each good point was taken and formed the final idea. The final idea was; a boy who is in the park gets challenged to a basketball game, he then starts to play but starts loosing, he drinks the ‘RUSH’ energy drink and becomes amazing at basketball and wins. This fits the brief because it targets teenagers. Before the production, we used planners, production logs, researched into locations, made storyboards, shooting schedule and script, exchanged phone numbers and made an edit schedule to plan for the production. During production we went into our school gym and did some photography using our camera skills, we used many techniques such as framing, composition, different distances, multiple angles, perspectives and different shot styles as it makes an advert more lively.

After the shots had been taken they were all put together and edited; a voice over was constructed, transitions were used to link shots together, text titles, cropping and framing was used, every single shot had a use of filter and a music soundtrack s were added. Analysis We have created an energy drink advert, which appeals to teenagers. The advert is approximately 45 seconds. It features a sequence of still images together flowing like a film with music soundtracks and sound fxs to make it more appealing. A lot of the shots have filters on them – motion blurring, colour enhancements, brightness improved, and colour balance changed. These make the advert more interesting, lively, believable, and also make the product look more desirable.

The advert starts off by focusing on the ground of the park – gravel. This is difficult to distinguish, so making the audience curious. Then you see a CU basketball on the ground, 1st soundtrack starts. The song is called “End together now” by Limp Bizkit and Redman. We chose this because the hip-hop style is popular with teenagers and is regularly associated with basketball. The song starts quietly then builds up a few seconds later.

Then you see a series of MS – LS’s showing a teenager showing attitude, challenges other teenager to basketball match. The one who is being challenged starts with the ball but loses it to other boy, who shows his skills, using many CU’s and a low angle of him holding ball, making him seem tall and symbolising his excellence. He then scores a basket – CU showing ball on centre of basket about to go in. The losing boy then gets the ball and shoots, but misses – ball goes off to the right of basket.

Second soundtrack begins. It is called “Bombs over Baghdad” by Outkarst, chosen for same reasons as the first song, but this one is faster. When this starts you see a CU of the bright blue drink, in clear glass bottle, on the ground, from a high angle, then straight on. The losing boy drinks the drink; MS, then a CU. He smashes the bottle, leads to an ECU of drink label with RUSH logo. Boy is now really good at basketball, jumps up really high and slams the ball into the basket. Showing the drink makes you better at basketball, gives you energy.