Analysis of an Advert

The advertisement I have chosen to analyse is a deal which Virgin Mobile are promoting in which if you sign a friend up to virgin mobile you will get 10 off your phone and a second sim card free with every Virgin Mobile priced over 89. Portrayal of people in advertisement: There is one person in the advertisement I have chosen she is a female aged around 18-25 there is also a plastic doll in the advertisement that’s gender is female the doll seems to be the same age as the woman.

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The clothing code in this advert tells you that the woman has is a middle class citizen and she is a very fashionable woman who enjoys shopping. The facial expression the woman holds is a strained expression because she is trying to carry a life size doll done the street that is supposedly meant to be her friend. The woman is leaning the doll on her back to carry it done the street her posture shows us that the doll is heavy because by the expression on her face and her posture she is finding the doll hard to carry. The two woman in the advert including the life like doll’s racial group are white the reason they have chose a white racial group is because the majority of the population in Britain are white.

A stereotype that is presented in this particular advert is that woman love to spend money and shop because she is holding lots of shopping bags this could also lead to the stereotype of woman are housewives and that men earn the money and woman shop and supply the needs to the home. The social class represented here is not signified but I would suggest the woman is either middle class or of a wealthy background my reason for this is the woman is dressed very casual and fashionable and does not look poor in anyway judging by her dress code. Other people that could have been included in this advertisement would be a real life friend to get the 10 off your mobile the reason a real person has been excluded is because the advert is showing that the woman will go to any lengths to get 10 off her mobile if that means the friend is a doll she will do it.

Technical Codes

The illustration of the advert is in colour the reason for this is because the colour associated with Virgin Mobile and all of virgin’s products the key colour is red so as soon you see you will notice its virgin another reason for the advert being in colour is because colour attracts the reader more than a black and white image would I guess another reason would be that it is in colour to show that the advert is in the present tense because when you see black and white images you can sometimes think that it is an old image or in the past.

All of the key elements are in focus the point of the woman carrying a doll for her free 10 off to introduce a friend to Virgin Mobile is shown very clearly by the woman struggling to carry her so called doll friend so that she can gain her 10 off her mobile. The advert is about getting 10 off your mobile if you introduce a friend but an illustration of the mobile is missing the reason for this is because the company are not advertising a new mobile they are making people aware of the deal they have on at the moment. The advert is quite bright this could be to show that the actions in the advertisement are happening in the daytime. The camera is in a landscape angle the reason for this is so that you can see the woman struggling to carry her doll (friend) and how big the doll in the box is, in this angle we can see the whole set what is in the packaging inside the box of this doll.

Text included in the advertisement

The Virgin Mobile slogan is related to the image because the slogan is placed on the box of the doll’s box this is another form of advertising for Virgin Mobile to promote themselves. Other pieces of information we are given to help explain the images is the words “Get a FREE friend!” which are printed in a big font and bold lettering so that it is are eye catching the reason is helps explain the image is because in the advert the woman is carrying a so called friend so the slogan explains the reason the woman is carrying a plastic doll in a box. The advertisement is being addressed to people aged 16 to 25 judging by the woman in the advert I would believe it is aimed at an audience of around her age.