Analysis of desk research

The desk research that I carried out involved the collection, collation and interpretation of the market data and company data that had already been published. This provided me with valuable background information and can be used to identify current methods of planning and current market trends that Glazzard either are affected by or construct at the moment. In the competitive worldwide market that Glazzard operate in, it is important that they are able to show signs of economies of scale such as effectiveness and efficiency.

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Hence this investigation into trying to achieve a form of efficient planning and procedural operation before and during the site work, via some form of network (Critical path) analysis. Upon enquiring about Glazzards current method of procedures, such as their methods of planning certain projects and operations in order to achieve strategic objectives 1 and 2, I found that they carry out a process called a method statement.

This being a booklet containing various headings of what they intend, making sure and plan to do for the installation of a certain projects structure. Once I had heard that this is Glazzards method of planning I asked for a copy. This would therefore allow me to analyse it and comment to satisfy certain objectives. This can be seen in the appendix. ( Appendix ) The method statement I received was that of an installation of a bridge of a Bovis Lend Lease – Vodafone – Newbury.

This therefore appealed to me as they had given me not only a statement that had to be of high quality but also accuracy due to the highly well known of the customer, Vodafone. Therefore a necessity to offer the best quality service they possibly could as it could not only mean a satisfied popular customer but therefore generate extra custom, but also could lead to extra custom via other major business due to recommendations from Vodafone.

Glazzard clearly don’t network to the extent of Business Studies theoretical way. However they do show elements of efficiency, as they show they identify events that have to be carried out simultaneously, therefore shortening the time taken to complete a project however they don’t fully utilise it. As they don’t follow the statement rigidly causing the inefficiency and loss of effectiveness that otherwise would be irradiated if a simpler network was constructed and followed correctly

Glazzard, however do plan by subheading their procedures, splitting operations into different categories such as Risk Assessment of operations which appears frequently, which suggests this is either a legal requirement or Glazzards unique planning method, control measures, programme, duration, operatives and plant and equipment. Thus Glazzard take time in planning due to the depth they go into. Which really is not surprising considering the product and high profile customers, some form of planning has to be done in order to gain efficiency to satisfy the customer appropriately.