Analysis of Electronics Market of Bangladesh and Butterfly

Generator or motorcycle is no longer luxurious product to them. Rather than they treat these as their basic necessity. This change has encouraged companies to invest in making generators and motorcycles. But only production is not enough for the success of products. A well designed marketing strategy, strategic planning and effective implementation of strategies can ensure a healthy sales revenue and thus satisfactory market share. 1. 2 Background of the company Butterfly marketing limited is a Bangladesh company which started their Journey in 1987 with only 3 showrooms.

Since then their main focus was on product quality and fête sales service. As because of this it is experiencing tremendous growth and now it has 128 showrooms in Bangladesh. Butterfly operates only in Bangladesh. It merged with LEG and is selling Korean and Chinese products. Butterfly is currently selling TV, refrigerator, deep freeze, generator, ‘AS, motorcycle, vacuum cleaner, air purifier, dish washer etc. In most of their product they have achieved very competitive position. Butterfly is the market leader in the electronic goods like television, computer monitor, air conditioner, refrigerator etc.

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This means that they have created goodwill and brand value in consumers mind. Now their objective is to achieve success with their generator and motorcycle. Butterfly has 2 types of sales policy and these 2 are credit sales and cash sales. But it mainly focuses on the credit sales. It has divisional warehouse and from these warehouse it supplies product to different branches. Divisional warehouse make product of butterfly available and ensures low inventory and holding cost. 1. 3 Rationale of the study I am working in marketing department of Butterfly.

This experience will help in my professional life if I chose my profession in the marketing department. My experience will help me to do work smoothly if I Join in the marketing sector of any company.

Preparation & submission of proposal 3 days Development of questionnaire 5 days Taking schedules from companies for conducting survey Conducting Survey days Analyzing the data and preparation of the report. 7 days 1. 9 Conceptual framework of the report My major is Finance & Accounting but I am working in marketing department. This experience will help in my professional life if I chose my profession as a marketer. But this experience will make me more resourceful as I will be able to combine my theoretical knowledge of Finance & Accounting and practical knowledge of marketing. . 10 Potential problem statement Sales of motorcycles and generators are dependent on several variables. Effective uses of these variables ensure to obtain satisfactory market share. So potential problem statement of this study is to identify these factors or variables those directly affect the sales volume of generators and motorcycles of different companies and determines market share. 1. 11 Visionary recommendations For profit minimization Butterfly should benchmark some factors that are directly associated with profit minimization and greater market share.

At the same time they should pay attention more on their strength and find out ways so that these strengths can have positive impact on their sales and market share. 1. 12 Conclusion Price reduction or emphasizing only on price is no more a concept to achieve a healthy market share position. It is now a Reality, to implement a dynamic system, embodying a set of superior mechanism. More than 20 companies are doing their racketing activities of generator and motorcycle over the yearlyГ?:s whereas Butterfly has Just started marketing and selling of such products.

So they have two ways to move their potential customers to actual customer. One way can be diverting the existing users and another can be attracting that group of potential customers who have not served yet. Butterfly is the market leader in the electronic goods like have created goodwill and brand value in consumers mind. If these positive points they can highlight and use effectively then Butterfly can also experience success with their generator and motorcycle