Analysis of finished advertisement

A slogan is a catchy phrase like ‘just do it’ for the band name ‘Nike’. After taking my different slogans round the class (my public), we were left with two slogans, which were: ‘U play wid fire, U get burnt’, and ‘it’s Hot, it’s Dangerous, it’s FLAMMABLE’. The majorities vote was option number two, which I thought was good but I preferred the other one better. Our last bit was creating a logo, and that was simple because we had our slogan, and our brand name so all we needed to do was to combine then together to make a logo. Because we were around the idea of fire, I drew a flame that had an F in the middle of the flame.

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After all that was completed, we had to put all our information, and product onto a poster billboard (the final piece). After a lot of discussion, we concluded that we needed a final piece in which all our information was surrounded by. Our final piece was a woman wearing the jeans we had created, and a top that had our logo on it. The woman was in the middle of the page with the flames surrounding her, and around the flames was the slogan. There were people in the background staring at her. I was given the role of adding the entire colour to the poster. The poster turned out to be brilliant in the end.

The main element of the slogan, and jeans were fire. We chose to base it around fire because fire is a dangerous element, and so we wanted to bring that danger element image into the jeans. So our jeans could jump out, and give the image that whoever is wearing the jeans is looking Hot! The reason why it was attractive was because there was a woman in these jeans, and as far as the advert goes it was showing the danger of both the woman and the jeans, and how the jeans were fitted for the woman. It was successful because our group was able to work together, and share and agree over ideas.

Analysis of finished advertisement

I do think my advert was very successful because I put a lot of effort into trying to please the target audience as well as myself. I think the advert itself has a lot of potential as well as the people who made it. One thing that’s really good about our ad is that it has an outburst of colour. This is good because it means it would be eye-catching, and easy to spot. Also, when I look at it, it gives me a radiant sense of heat, because of all the fiery colours.

It would appeal to my target audience because now jeans are in, so people would go for jeans. But even if jeans weren’t in, I know that my target audience would like it because they like the kind of jeans we have made, so that’s why we made it in the first place. The whole point of doing the research is to find out what people like, and what they would generally go for. The link between teenagers and jeans today is that, all kids follow the fashion, and what makes them look good and heads turn. They like to wear things that are attractive, and show of their figure, and make themselves feel good.

My advert, and they World Vision advert are kind of similar in very strange ways. The way I described the children being the centre piece, with the invisible fluorescent light glowing around them which draws you to look at them, is similar to the lady in my poster as the centre piece with the fire surrounding her, that id making her stand our amongst the people who are staring at her. Another similarity is that both the children in the World Vision ad, and my Flammable jeans, want to be seen. The children want people to see them so they can rescue them from the life they are living now. Whereas, the woman wants to be seen because she looks good in the clothes that she is wearing.

I say that it’s very strange to have similarities because the ads are so different. One ad is about showing off a product of clothing with bright, bold, fiery colours, and the girl looking great and smiling saying ‘life is good when you’re wearing the right clothes’. But the other one is about the suffering of the children in 3rd world countries with no food, especially no clothes to wear, and no proper shelter.


I enjoyed making the advert, but you have to understand how much work goes into it. If I hadn’t done the work in the beginning, I wouldn’t have come up with something as good as I have here. What I did I guess was a mini version of what the real advertising employees do, but even so, I thought doing the project was a great way, and introduction on the background that people are paid to do, and what come up on our televisions.

The bit I found the hardest was coming up with a brand name because that was the start to drawing my advert besides the target audience, social class, and sex. Our found out that making a product for men was a lot harder than making a product for women. We chose to work with women was a lot harder to work with. Also we had more experience in what women look for in clothes seeing as though we were females ourselves. It was an experience working with different people in a group, and because we were able to get along, we had no problems communicating.

My favourite part out of the whole project was to make the advert, and me having the role of colouring the whole thing in. our group had no problem with the advert, because we knew what we were doing and how we were going to go about doing it. The bit I didn’t like after the whole thing was having to write up everything we did afterwards. This slowed down my creative spirit. In conclusion, the majority of the time I spent on this project was well spent, and well enjoyed.