Analysis of local labour market

The figures above shows that in Redbridge there is a large amount of people who have skills to work in whole /retail trade, and there is obviously high demand for jobs in the retail area. Taking this in to consideration there will be a high response for the job advertisement, as many people want to work in the retail sector. This is good news for Tesco, when they are trying to recruit. This growth in sale and services industry has lead employment in these areas rapidly expanding. Being employed enables people to meet their needs and improve their standard of living.

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It is also the single most effective way to tackle poverty and social exclusion. Being unemployed brings with it financial hardship, loss of self-esteem and a feeling of isolation from the rest of society. The longer a person is out of work the harder it is to get back into the job market, as they can lose skills and motivation. For these reasons it is important to maintain a high and stable level of employment so everyone can share greater job opportunities. The sample pie below show how unemployment rates for men and women compares according to age.

Unemployment rates by age and sex If you look at the two pie charts above it shows the unemployment in UK. This will effect Tesco when they are recruiting nationally. The average age for both men and women in UK who are unemployed in UK is between 20-29yrs which Tesco could be looking at. Redbridge Earnings Pay levels for those who work in Redbridge is low than in London. The average gross weekly earnings for full-time employees in the Redbridge at April 2000 were 344. 70, which was 35% below the London average of 529. 80 and many residents travel elsewhere to work.

In 1991 over half of employed residents commuted to work outside Redbridge with the majority working in inner London. In terms of pay levels for those that live in Redbridge (rather than work in Redbridge), the Borough ranked thirteenth down the list of 33 London boroughs with an average hourly earnings of  9. 92 which was 7% below the London average of  10. 69. How would the Redbridge earnings effect Tesco If you look at the Redbridge earning is very low so this might effect Tesco to be more competitive with other retail companies in Redbridge.

This is because other retailer’s like Sainsbury’s will try to put the salary’s higher to attract more candidate when they are recruiting and find the right person with higher qualification which could help them achieve their business goals. This is going to be tough for Tesco because it needs to beat the competition and the threat from other companies in Redbridge therefore Tesco need to look the Redbridge earnings carefully and to try and find out what the competitors are up to. This will help Tesco to improve the Human Resources Planing. Tesco’s jobs available and what rate of pay

The Jobs on offer in Tesco are the same as for adults, they’re for checkout, shelf filling and warehouse work. The hourly rate of pay is  3. 12 at age of 16, rising to i?? 3. 55 at at age17 with regular pay reviews. They are paid by 4 weekly credit into a bank, so you must have a bank account. Redbridge Employment The major sectors of employment in Redbridge are wholesale/retail (31%), and business services (26%). A quarter of employment in Redbridge is in micro-businesses. Redbridge, as a Local Authority, has almost 7,500 employees including teachers in its 14 secondary, 54 primary, and 4 special schools.

Other major employers in the Borough include British Telecom, P ; O Containers, Kelvin Hughes, Royal Mail and Britannia Music. There are other major employers close to Redbridge, such as the Ford Motor Company and Rhone Poulenc Rorer Ltd. at Dagenham, and the major organisations sited in Docklands and the City of London. The majority of Redbridge residents are employed in banking/finance, distribution and manufacturing. Small firms have provided much of the impetus for job growth in Redbridge and those employing less than 10 people represent 90% of the 6500 businesses within the Borough.