Analyze a business plan

Analyze a business plan Criteria Quality training Fast truck couriers Layout Clear Objective Clear and organized well Background Concise and complete but there is no too much about the status of the company Introduced the situation of the company but no specific to describe the keys to success and future outlook Company structure No specific departments and personnel allocation Clear and complete Financial background Limited financial analysis Financial data stated Services Services provided is clearly stated like the certificate qualification and training rouses Simple a couple of license and no more details about the training courses Competitors Competitor comparison has identified and listed the analysis of competitors Competitive comparison should be included so that the company able to analysis and understand competitors.

Risks Simple but clear Market analysis A complete detailed analysis Market analysis is provided but it can explain more details Review Review all the marketing strategy and financial management Simple conclusion Part B- Monitor performance The objectives of this business plan are included as follow: 1 . To provide a written guide for the ongoing management of this training and development business; a strategic framework for developing a comprehensive tactical marketing plan. 2. The intended audience includes the owners of this business and representatives from the state training authority. 3. The scope of this plan is to provide detailed projections for the current plan year, and for the following two years.

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The objectives AT quality training are: 1. Profit To achieve a net profit of $100,000 in the next financial year and a 25% increase in profit each succeeding year. 2. Growth To grow the business at a rate that is both challenging and manageable, leading the market with innovation and adaptability. Growth is from 16 trainees in year ending 2010 to 300 trainees in year ending 2012. 3. Citizenship To be an intellectual and social asset to the community by networking with community organizations such as the chamber of commerce, and offering services to charitable organizations when required. Monitor performance Plan goal profit each succeeding year.

Department Sales Plan objective To improve marketing and networking. Person Michael Chapman Key performance indicators Current status Comments To identify potential client with friends within 1 month Green Quarter of the Penetrate area to identify To identify potential clients via phone book and driving within 1 month Green File is built to allow to follow up To develop a website advertising its services to public within 2 months Amber Required skill to improve technology To promote services and develop relationship with local business within 2 months Waiting for the timetable to finish it Key action Marketing and networking Identifying and following up potential clients Quality Amber

According to clients satisfaction consultation Effective training Relationship Create a loyal repeat customers Growth Assessing clients needs appropriate training solutions by extending the scope of registration Risks Unknown in the market place Provide an alternative to clients unhappy with their current provider Limited resources and lack of funding Red Visit clients more regularly and reduce costs Competitive market place To understand of the cultural influences Financial issue (reliance on the government funding) Marketing training as a business benefit not for attract incentives General Manager General manager needs to ensure reports are provided to stakeholders and they are satisfies with current situation. Human resource manager HRS will collect all feedback and assessments on change management and provide detail report to general manager. Administration manager Administration manager needs to deal with the basic paper work. Finance manager Finance manager only needs to focus on organize all of resources, allocation of funding and the balance sheet. Prepare financial plan and budget, assessment the profit and loss statement. Sales manager Sales manager should create variety of sales plan to cope with changing market demand.