Areas Of Child Development

Movement Skills These activities are designed to help develop your child’s large and small muscle intro, her coordination, and her overall physical fitness. . Social and Emotional Development Activities in this area target your child’s ability to make and keep social relationships, both with adults and with other children. He will learn to recognize and express his own telling more effectively. He will gain experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others. 3. Approaches to Learning Children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems. Or challenges. These activities will spark your child’s curiosity, interest, and attention and the ability o stay on task.

Research suggests strong links between positive approaches to learning and success in school. 4. Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge The suggestions in this area help your child figure out how the world works and how things are organized. Your child will experience “learning how to learn,” Improving problem-solving ability and abstract thinking. 5. Communication, Language and Literacy These activities will help your child learn to express himself and to understand what others say. Early reading and writing skills are also targeted.

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