Article On Macroeconomics

Report on article about Macroeconomics: Market surge reflects improving macro- economic indicators: Marina Sings, ICC Prudential MAC This article from The Economic Times shows the views of Marina Sings/Fund Manager on the Indian market and certain sectors. Firstly he talks about the sudden surge in the Indian market where he clearly explains that the outlook for the macro economy looks good and the market response is positive.

Then the interviewer asks Marina Sings if the Indian Market is overplaying the ‘Mood rally” which is a term to describe the effect when markets have run slightly ahead of themselves. In his opinion he thinks that the market is not ahead of them as he sees many factors improving like the softening of the commodity prices or the decreasing of the outlook for crude prices. When he is asked about the inflation in Indian markets his hopes are high that it decreases and that events like elections are more attractive.

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Marina Sings is positive that the Indian market has improved and is improving in the long-term perspective and hopes that they will be investing in equities soon. Overall, Marina Sings is pleased with the current standard and improvements of the Indian Market. Although he states that the RIB (Reserve Bank of India) has to take a closer look and focus on the ICP (Consumer Price Index) he suggests that the outlook for the macro economy looks good and the Indian Market will keep improving on its deficits.