Asian Construction and Development Corporation vs

Asian Construction and Development Corporation, a duly registered domestic corporation. In the complaint, respondent alleged that from the period August 7, 1997 to March 4, 1998, petitioner purchased from Highest various fabricated steel materials and supplies amounting to Pl , 206,177. 00, exclusive of interests. That despite demand, petitioner failed and/or refused to pay; and that due to the failure and/or refusal of petitioner to pay the said amount, respondent was compelled to engage the services of counsel.

Accordingly, petitioner filed its Answer with Counterclaim denying liability for the claims and interposing the defense of lack of cause of action. To prove her case, respondent presented the testimonies of (1) Artemisia Tester (Tester), the salesman of Highest who confirmed the delivery of the supplies and trials to petitioner, and (2) Irvin Change, the General Manager of Highest. The presentation of evidence for petitioner, however, was deemed waived and terminated due to the repeated non-appearance of petitioner and its counsel. Issue: l.

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Whether or not the charge invoices are actionable documents. II. Whether or not the delivery of the alleged materials was duly proven Ill. Whether or not the respondent is entitled to attorneys fees. Ruling: WHEREFORE, the petition is hereby partly granted.. The assailed Decision dated April 28, 2006 and the Resolution dated March 9, 2007 of the Court of Appeals in CA-G. R. C.V. No. 9180 are hereby affirmed with modification. The charge invoices are not actionable documents and delivery of the supplies and materials was duly proved.

The award of attorneys fees in the amount of Pl 50, 000. 00 is hereby DELETED. Friendship: is someone who you can always count on, someone you can call and tell your secret or tell a funny Joke even if not. They would be with you when you really need them. Is something which regularly takes up some of your time because Commitment: of an agreement you have made or because of the responsibilities that you have. Integrity: maintaining good name and character; it is always doing right thing even hen you know no one else is looking; staying true.

Faith: is believing in something which cannot be proven, different people find faith in different ways, I think faith can give people strength to do things they otherwise wouldn’t and can also give them hope that things will be better. Love: is caring about someone so deeply that your like would be very deterrent without them there would always be a little piece of yourself missing if they pass away or leave you. Honesty: is telling the truth no matter what consequences are. It is not being sneaky with people. It is letting people know how you feel.