Asian Medical Tourism Market Outlook

In Asia, medical tourism has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments. Low cost and waiting time for medical treatments as compared to western countries, coupled with quality health services make the Asian countries preferred destinations for medical travelers. And with governments’ support and improved medical infrastructure in these countries, the medical tourism market in Asia is anticipated to post a CARR of around 22% during 2014 to 2018, says RONDOS in its latest report “Asian Medical Tourism Market Outlook 2018”.

And More Visit:- http://www. Rondos. Com/Market-Analysis-Reports/Asian-Medical- Tourism-Market-outlook-2018-MOMMA. HTML Our research on Asian medical tourism is an outcome of primary and secondary research, and a thorough analysis of industry trends. The report covers a detailed analysis of the medical tourism industry in Asia both in terms of number of tourist arrivals as well as in terms of revenue. We have analyzed the market trends in the overall medical tourism industry which will help the readers to understand the racket potential of the industry.

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Research showcases the cost comparisons for different treatments between the Asian countries and the US to help priorities the country for medical tourism. At the country level, report covers medical tourist arrivals and revenue generation through this business till 2018. Besides, ranking analysis of various hospitals and treatments has been done talking to the experts in the respective countries to analyze their strengths in terms of healthcare supply.

Further, it has been analyzed hat apart from US and Europe, Asian countries lure a good chunk of medical tourists from Middle East. In this context, research covers the percentage breakup of medical tourists’ arrival from their country of origin. Furthermore, we have included the prominent industry players such as Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. , Vanguard International Hospital, Parkway Piñata, Raffles Hospital and so on, to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry.

The section covers recent activities which entail different investments, opening up of ore healthcare centre, achievements and some other current updates related to the hospitals involved in medical tourism besides business overview to understand more about that particular hospital. Overall, the report has taken into consideration all the aspects of the Asian medical tourism industry and is designed to facilitate our clients towards devising the right strategies, and making sound investment decisions.