Assessing Pakistan Development

But as the time passes Pakistan unfortunately did not perform well In agriculture sectors and now the condition it this that Pakistan import certain products for use from numbering countries like onion, potato, tea and new the agriculture contribute to mere 24 % to GAP. The population employed in agriculture has also fallen Export of Pakistan: The nature of export of Pakistan has also change dramatically In 1947 Pakistanis total exports primary commodities was 99. 2% but now it constitute only around 11%.

This factor of export statistics also shows that Pakistan is not developing. Allergic female adult: In Pakistan female are getting low education than man and they are low working people. Because of it increases the economy rate. Its GAP rate is 72% in Pakistan Pakistan is developing: Manufacturing sector: Pakistan has improved itself In the Pakistan manufacturing sector although 75% of Pakistan exports are new manufactured goods with textile. Pakistan export still depends on row cotton. In 1947-50 Pack contribute 7. To GAP In 2004 it a new contribute 25. 7 to GAP improve. Rural and urban population: According to the statistical report of first consensus of Pakistan in 1951 there are only 17% of west Pakistanis lived In the urban areas and 83% of Pakistanis lived in the rural areas and with the passage of time this figure improves too days estimate suggest that of population has shifted to cities and town and 60% of Pakistani population Is in rural new, This change also shows that Pakistan is developing with the passage of time.

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Education sector: According to the statistics of united nation human development Index Pakistan show tremendous improvement in education sector that In 1947 Pakistan had only 84 primary schools and but according to the statistic of 2003 this figure improves and with school there are also no of colleges and universities with the increase in institutions the literacy rate also improve in 1961 the literacy rate was 1 and t Off according the statistic o 002/3) the literacy rate increase to 42% and tamale literacy rate 12% in (1961) and it increases to 29% in (2002/3).

Health sector: According to UNHANDS In health sector Pakistan improves a lot as compare to the ginning 1947. The life extinct age in 1960 was 43 years in 2002/3. The intent mutuality rate in 1960 was 137 and reduces to 83 in (2002/3). The clean water was provided to 29% people in 1975 and it improves to 83 % till (2002/3).

With all of this the sanitation system and it increase to 61% according to the statistics of (2002/3). Total registered doctors in year 1948 were 1014. It also improves tremendously and the assess doctors are serving the people for better health in year (2002/3). This all statistics shows that the Pakistan is developing day by day.