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We have selected one specific programmer from each pillar to further critic the performance of the programmer. There are discussions about the positive ways GIG has managed to overcome their challenges while implementing the programmer. We will also be looking at one of the special ongoing case in Tibet which has raised major CARS issues. Last but not least, we will be looking into the potential challenges that GIG may face with regards to their CARS programmed in the future, as well as giving recommendations for the challenges. To conclude, CARS is becoming increasingly important as it is even grabbing the attention of the media.

GIG has integrated CARS into their daily operations, and has so far done well in managing their CARS activities. Yet with this, GIG may need to bear in mind that as such a big organization, GIG can definitely do much more than what they are doing now, as they have more resources as compared Automobile Industry China By Anna-Pippin GIG Overview InterContinental Hotels Group (GIG), headquartered in England, is one of the world’s leading hotel companies – with 678,000 rooms in over 4,600 hotels in nearly 100 countries and territories around the world (Appendix A).

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Operating nine hotel brands[l] with a large percentage of business saturated in America (Appendix B), GIG operates in three different ways (as a franchiser[2], a manager[3] and on an owned- ND-lease[4] basis). It has four reporting regions (Americas, Europe, MEA, Greater China). 2. Key CARS Strategies GIG uses an internally developed framework to develop and evaluate CARS programmer, a wheel with four quadrants. This framework is used to make every business decision and is communicated to all GIG employees worldwide.

The four quadrants are financial performance, people, guests and business responsibilities (which comprises of reducing environmental impact, workplace safety etc. ). Although the framework originates from the GIG headquarters, GIG encourages respective hotel managements to adapt it to a regional and local level. The corporate office manages the framework, strategy and direction of initiatives and provides key targets for the individual hotels to achieve. The General Manager has the discretion to decide what activities to adopt and the extent of CARS efforts of each hotel.

He is also able to tailor the Key Performance Indicators (Kips) of employees to suit the four quadrants. The most important target for the corporate office of GIG is to reduce energy usage levels by 8% per annum. GIG has 4 key objectives for their CARS programmed. GIG aims to drive environmental sustainability, to have a positive impact on the local community and drive economic opportunity, to embed and strengthen CARS elements in their brands, and lastly to engage stakeholders so that they can champion and protect Gig’s reputation and brain.