Automotive Industry: Used Car Sales Market in India

The report also provides the major growth drivers and growth constraints of Seems in India observed over the last few years. Future outlook of this market in the country has been provided on the basis of output turnover and its dependence on the macroeconomic factors. The MSIE sector has been the mainstay of the Indian economy by providing the second largest share of employment to Indian population after agriculture. Mimes have reduced regional imbalances by helping the industrialization of rural and backward areas.

Setting up Mimes in rural areas has helped in equitable distribution of wealth and income which has resulted in parity between urban and rural population in India. The MSIE sector market size has been defined on the basis of production value of all the Mimes in India during The auto components industry has been one of the fastest growing segments in Indian’s manufacturing sector. The growth has been stimulated by the large number of Seems operating in the auto components industry across India.

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The Seems operate in various clusters which have been formed as a result of policy support provided by the government. The existence of policy support has not precisely translated into infrastructural support as Seems have been facing numerous problems related to infrastructure, machinery, road network and electricity. The inefficient implementation of government policies has resulted in industry registering a low CARR of dung The plastic processing in India is primarily done by small scale manufacturers who operate in clusters across India.

The government of India helps in the development of clusters by providing Seems with infrastructure, technological and policy support. The domestic downstream or the plastic processing industry encompasses three broad manufacturing processes which include extrusion, injection molding, blow loading and blow molding. The plastic processing industry has been growing steadily over the period A”2008-PAYOFF as it recorded a CARR of -?%.