Bachelor of Economic

Dooryard meet the desires or needs of their consumers by protecting and preventing the consumer cars’ side from the damage caused by another car when parking. Dooryard’s main Job is to absorb the impact of the other car and because of that it mostly attract ‘buyers who are conscious about protecting them from car dents caused by other cars’ car door. In addition, it is lightweight and thin that can make it easy to use and store.

And because of the anti-theft system that provides a comfortable feeling for the user that their car as well as the product will remain safe and secure. It has a very stylish touch as it can come with multi-color and different prints to satisfy the most demanding customers. Some other features are that it is water proof, can be exposed to sunlight and has high tear resistance characteristics hat makes it cost effective and gives a feeling of satisfying owners’ that they invest their money in a product that is really worth buying.

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And finally the price is considered reasonable because it cannot be compared to similar products on the market. 2. Which of the marketing management philosophies discussed in the text is Steven Harris following? Stevens marketing philosophies are the Product Concept where he focused on developing an innovative product which has high quality and reference and by using the concept of MARKETING; where consumers prefer to get the benefits of the product itself that essentially meet their needs.

His products are unique and the only one on the market that prevents denting cars. Steven has spent great effort in designing products and provide all the features that are present (ease of use, store and carry,etc). He experimented with many kinds of materials and fabrics to come up with the desired high quality product. He is very precise in