Baileys magazine advert

Advertising cannot be ignored – it’s an inescapable part of everyday life. It is used to show off companies products and manipulate us into buying them. It is all around us TV, magazines, billboards, newspapers, radio. Advertising controls what we buy by making something fashionable and desirable to the point where the public has to have the item. It gives a distorted picture of the real world however some ads are brilliantly made. The two ads I will be discussing are a Fujifilm magazine advert and a Baileys magazine advert.

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Fujifilm is a film for a camera and my first impresion of the advert is that I thought it was quite funny and that I like the terminology that is used. The Baileys advert did not give me the same impression, I first thought that it was quite plain and then I thought the text was humorous as well, however as an ad that would be seen briefly that will not entice the reader. Both of the ads came out of Red, a woman’s magazine. The copy on the Fujifilm advert uses a play on words for the slogan and it does the same for the description of the product. The text is placed diagonally of the page and at the bottom for the description.

Throughout the ad the font is the same style but varies in size. The language of the ad is quite simple and it is good for the atmosphere of the ad. This therefore will appeal to the reader and is not too difficult to decipher. Whereas the Baileys advert slogan is simple and featured at the corner of the page with the logo. By placing them in this location it makes the reader search for the brand and this will make an imprint on their memory to remind them to buy the product. The text is related to the slogan and the text is featured in the middle of the page.

The text is not a full sentence; it is an excuse to have a Baileys. There are three different fonts in the ad and three different sizes. The graphics featured in the Fujifilm advert is a woman sitting on the sofa relaxing eating chocolate. In the background is a man naked wearing only an apron with the fujifilm covering his bum. It seems as that they have switched roles and it is humorous because the slogan relates. The fact that the roles have switch is clever because of the magazine it is in and the fact that a reader would like this type of humour and again it is placed in the right context.

This is taken by still photography. The graphics for the Baileys advert is totally the opposite. It is a digital picture of flowing baileys. This entices the reader for a baileys and shows the smoothness of the drink. The digital picture is to show the smoothness of the drink and to catch the eye of the reader because there is such a large space of it. In the fujifilm advert the product is featured in the corner. This does not help get the product recognised. The brand name is known but not as well known as Kodak. In the baileys advert there is no picture of the bottle.

Although there are graphics of the actual drink in the background. The logo is the label of the product. The characters in the fujifilm advert are a man and a woman in their mid 20’s. The relationship between them is that they may be boyfriend and girlfriend. Their relationship to the reader is that if you use this film you may become fun and adventurous. There are no characters in the Baileys advert. In the fujifilm advert there is no obvious story just that the product is possible to capture any picture. The Baileys has no story.

The Fujifilm advert reminds me of a scene from a soap opera. The graphics of the Baileys advert reminds me of a painting. The fujifilm advert fits into the context. It is advertised for the cheeky woman that would read the magazine. The Baileys advert fits in the context because it is advertising something that would make you feel good. The target audience for the fujifilm advert is for anyone but particularly females because of the main character in the advert. The target audience for the Baileys is 20-45 year old women who want to relax.

There is no specific age because there is no visual character in the advert. The motivation for the fujifilm advert is humour of the naked man and the swapping of roles. The humour is emphasised by the slogan. The fujifilm advert makes me laugh and feel relaxed. I would buy the product due to the humour used and the description of the product. This advert shows how the film can capture any photo and that is a quality I am looking or in a film. I think that the Baileys advert is slightly misleading and if you do not know about the TV ads you would no understand the humour of this ad.

I do think the subtleness is good and I would buy the product. I would buy it because of the humour used and the smoothness of the drink. I think this drink is a drink that anyone would have because of the versatility of it. The main difference between the ads is that one is a still image and the other is a digital ad. This affects the mood of the ads and they both grab your attention. The fujifilm ad sells the product more through the graphic whereas the Baileys ad sells their product through the copy and the digital effects of the graphics.

The fujifilm ad is more humorous because of the image and the slogan whereas the Baileys advert is more witty than humorous and this appeals to the buys the want. Both advert made me laugh and I think the creators both have imaginative and humorous personalities and their have used this to their advantage. I would buy both the products however I would buy the fujifilm product due to the advert because I like it. However I would buy the baileys due to my previous knowledge of the product. I think the baileys advert does not give the product enough credit for its actual qualities and previous adverts.