Baranggay Management System

The study only deals with the information the bargain residents give and bargain captain and secretary record. This includes the personal information and all the essential information of all the residents of the bargain. Assets and medical record of each resident is not included. Other service that the bargain is giving to its constituents that requires information such in bargain health center is not part of the study. 1. 4 Significance of the Study This study benefits various sectors which include the following: Bargain Gun-bob The bargain generally benefits from this undertaking because it is the focus of the study.

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The study creates an automated recording of data to have accurate result of the Residents information. Bargain Residents The Residents of the Bargain can also profit from this study since they will be the second-hand recipient of the benefit of the Bargain Information Management System. Since it will be easy for them to easy request some information and services residents that their information is properly secured and maintain through the use of the proposed system.

Bargain Captain, Secretary and Employees The study will also benefit the Bargain Captain, Secretary and Employees who manages the files and information of the bargain for it will bring easy access of the data they need. This will also eliminates tons of papers they usually keep and allow the system to store it in such a manner that can be easily access. This will also bring ease to them specially in making reports in the municipality about the status of the bargain.

Other Bargain Bargain which are used to manual recording or managing of data and/or having plans of venturing into programmed recording or managing of data can also benefit to the study. The study will be able to come up with suggestions and recommendation as well. Researchers The researchers greatly benefit from this study since this can help them improve their programming weaknesses. Future Researchers This study will serve as a guide for the future researchers. To come up with the idea that will help for the development of the study.