Bearing Industry for Global and China

So far the Center has developed and mass-produced large axle railway bearings. SYS Alloying Bearing Science & Technology: In May 2014, it invested ARM 160 million to build the “High-Speed Precision Heavy-load Bearing Industrialization and Demonstration Bearing Industry for Global and China 2013-2016 By quartermaster vehicle bearings, locomotives and high precision bearings such as transmission bearings. The project is estimated to be completed in June 201 5, which will by then add a production capacity of bearing 60,000 units/a.

Report focuses on the followings: Global bearing market size, market structure, competitive landscape, etc Development environment of China bearing industry. China’s bearing production, sales, market structure, competition pattern, import and export, etc. Demand, competition pattern, etc of major downstream sectors of bearing. Operation of 8 global and 10 Chinese bearing manufacturers. Purchase a Copy of this Report @ http://www. chinamarketresearchreports. Com/ contacts/purchase. PH? Name=114887 .

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