Because Samsung Electronics

Companies know that graduates are very different to candidates with even two years’ experience -and need a unique recruitment process14. Similarly, graduate marketing requires significant specialist knowledge and is not simple to implement. With competition for top candidates high, it is also not for the faint hearted. In addition, graduates tend to be more time consuming to cull and to interview15. Put these factors together and many streamlined in-house HR units find graduates too great a drain on resources.

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Matzen explains, “Because Samsung Electronics Australia is a small subsidiary, direct campus based interviews are not effective. It is more appropriate to have a specialist recruitment agency sort through applicants, referring to us only those they consider best fit our requirements for final selection”. 16 Publishing company Woodslane’s Linda Jansen explains that she uses a graduate specialist because they have a current database of candidates, know how to develop appealing advertising content, and target media accordingly to attract graduates17.

“Therefore,” she says, “the final outcome is a better quality candidate in a shorter timeframe. ” The Daniel’s Group is one of Americas top executive construction firms, there perspective on the recruitment process is different than that of most executive construction firms. Having worked as managers in the industry they have a deep personal commitment to hiring the most talented managers in the market. 18 Our sole measure of success is not the number of candidates they recruit in a year.

Rather, they measure their performance by the impact those candidates have within their organization. At the end of the day, the team with the most talent usually wins. 19 As the leader of a homebuilding operation, it’s easy to appreciate the cost of vacancy or underperformance in a key construction management position. In the course of building an ‘A Team’, you face the tough challenge of selection and performance evaluation, distinguishing liveability from effectiveness, and management from leadership.

Confronting and resolving performance and ‘fit’ issues driven by growth and change is a difficult but also fundamental responsibility; we’re here to help with that process20. The Daniel’s Group has the ability to distinguish the true seasoned performers from the great interviewers. Since prior performance is the best indicator of future success. From the facts that have been obtained from the two companies, it is evident that Samsung and The Daniel’s Group practise different recruitment methods.

Samsung do not have a Human Resources department because they do not feel that it is economical and have therefore, outsourced their graduate recruitment to specialist agencies. They feel this is a good way of recruiting efficient candidates to their firm, as the agencies would pick only the people that they feel are suitable for the job21. This method of recruiting is probably the best way for Samsung because it may save them some money, in the sense that they don’t have to have a HR department and therefore they would not be spending excessive time interviewing candidates.

Also they would only get suitable people for their company because the agency would make sure that people that are recruited are suitable for the job22. Another advantage that Samsung may have is that, they would rarely be understaffed. This is because as soon as a vacancy arises, they would be able to fill the vacancy, as they would have candidates the agency feels would be fit for the position23. This recruitment method seems to be less time consuming for Samsung as well as economical. The Daniel’s Group has a different approach to the recruitment process.

They prefer to be hands on with the whole process of recruitment. They know exactly the sort of candidates they wish to take on and therefore do their own interviews and recruitment for their firm24. The partners that do the recruiting have worked as managers and as a result of this, they have set a standard for the potential employees. People that apply to The Daniel’s Group have to be exceptionally good in the construction business because this area of work is very competitive in America and The Daniel’s Group are only looking for the best in the business.This method of recruitment may be expensive in the sense that a lot of time is spent interviewing.

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