Becoming the best in our industry

Becoming the Best in our Industry Prepared for Peter Brenner President and Chief Executive Officer Brenner Staffing Solutions Prepared by Jamie Brenner Vice President of Operations February 16, 2014 TO: Peter Brenner, President and Chief Executive Officer FROM: Jamie Brenner, Vice President of Operations DATE: February 16, 2014 SUBJECT: Proposal for becoming the best in our industry Here is the report you requested on February 10th about the possibility of establishing exclusive relationships with companies on the FORTUNE 100 Best

Companies to Work For list. After careful consideration it is my recommendation not to single out specific companies but instead to build a database of company profiles so that individual candidates can be more easily matched to prospective employers. The second part of the recommendation is to add a battery of tests and questionnaires to our client profiles to better understand what type of environment our clients will excel best in. Here are the main points my recommendation is based FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list is only made up of companies with more than 1000 employees.

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This is problematic because it is a very small percentage of businesses in the U. S. Very few of the companies on the list have locations nationwide and U. S. Census Bureau statistics show that only 1 1. 7 percent of Americans moved between 2012-2013 and two-thirds of those who moved only moved within the same county. Unless our clients already live in the city where the company is based, chances are, they won’t move. A better match to a company will make our clients happier and happier people are 12 percent more productive than unhappy people.

Since work is such a big part of our adult lives, working at a many where you believe in their vision and want to be a part of their success can make a huge difference in happiness level and therefore, production level. In researching this report, I have consulted extensively with Larry Differentiators in our Information Technology Department and he is totally on board to build the database we need for the next step of our success. Larry has been extremely helpful and without his expertise and creativity I would not have been able to ensure that this project was possible and therefore could not have proposed a database as a solution.