Beweries Market

The company has developed a significant market position. It is also present on an international level. It has nearly 300 brands. Now, they are present on developing market, The company wants to continue its increasing to become the largest brewery in the world and the Best, by improving efficiency, margin and creating global brands (central coordination of procurement, new media technologies, network optimization brewery, improved margins). 4 GREENE KING The company Greene King acquired the competing brands in Europe and concentrated its production in Just one site. Its strategy is to acquire as more as possible brands and then keep only the leading brands.

They kill minors brands, and close breweries. All their product are produced in their brewery in Saint Edmunds. They are only present on European market, and face to its decrease, the company choose to improve the quality of its beer with a portfolio of targeted brands. But they also developed Its owns retail network (2000 pubs) and restaurants in order to diversify its activity. 5 TOASTING Toasting is a Chinese beer brewer. They are present in China (the largest market in the world) with 13% market share. However they chose to penetrate other markets, like the United States or Europe, with a strategy of volume. They target a consumer niche Chinese beer.

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Today they export 50% of their products are present in 62 countries and is the first brand of Chinese beer in the United States. Merger of Belgium Interbred and Brazilian Amber, as well as making it the second largest brewing camp any in the world, which allow to be present on Suds America Markets In 2008 a powerful Join them and making the leader of the market With theirs mergers this company has nearly 300 brands The company have 50% share of the US Very good rating of the top selling beers in ; They did Huge investment 50% of market Share on US Market (Developing Market) ; In 2009, the company needed to sell lilts central and Eastern beer operations Number one on 20 Market ; The company has been reducing its shake in the Chinese market in order to raise funds to pay for the new one acquisition and to meet coal Monopoly authority concerns Huge portfolio of Brand (around 300) with famous as Corona, Haggard Left etc. Now, the largest domestic British brewer with an important notoriety An important place in United Kingdom And Europe (decreasing Market) and not in the world Important and famous mergers Which allow to: Have a Large portfolio Of brands Production is centralized in SST Edmund to control and reduce cost.

Different product with Cask ale (20% of share in England) Varied activities: They have their own chain of pub (2000 across England Company is active in Restaurant Market in England Focused Strategy on global brands, and niche market 9 TOASTING (CHINA) The company has listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1993 Present on the most important market with an important development rate (China) and have 13% market share of its home The company belong to several companies( A competitor had a part of the stock exchange) Export 50% of its production It have 13% market share of its home Strong image and notoriety with apparition in a fiction film in 1982 They Have mostly Chinese product The company sis selling in 62 countries actually 10