Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Industry

Biotechnology applications are parts of our daily life. Almost in all industry sectors, they are developing biotech to help them to produce their product, to process their waste, etc. Since 1980, biotechnology has greatly evolved through Transgress, nanotechnology and bio-informatics. These rapid advances in science and engineering have introduced new technology that increased the potential for intervention in biological processes, and this rapid advances nowadays lead to Genetically – Engineering Food.

Genetic engineering (GE) is the practice of removing, altering, adding, and modified one genes to another genes, to create genetically modified (MM) foods. Through genetic engineering, scientists can impart desired genetic characteristics by splicing genetic segments of one species into the genes of another. Genetically – Engineering Food also known as Genetically Modified Food or we can say GM Food are some type of plans or animals that have had other animals or plant genes inside their genes. The GM foods itself are made in purpose to make better and stronger plants or animals.

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GM food become new technology in the world, it is also make some controversies in some country in the world, before that GM food had many benefits hat human can take from GM food, GM Food comes from seed that already processed with genetic engineering it is usually alter desired genes that become the weakness of the seeds, with genetic engineering, we can have seeds with high resistance to pest and disease, faster growth seeds, we also can inject or implemented more and specific nutritious to the seeds, and we can also get better tasting foods with genetic engineering that produce GM Foods.

There are some worrying issue in GM foods, such as the ability of a food have unexpected side-effect such as, trigger an allergy in humans. Some of the genes used in GM food might be taken from another plants or animals that causes allergies in some people. Alternately, a new allergen could be produced when genes are mixed across different species, imagined by corps that usually Just fine and less people allergic with it, after its already genetically engineered it could become allergen to some people, another potential loss to GM Food is that other organisms in the ecosystem could be harmed, which would lead to a lower level of biodiversity.

It can disturb the food chain in the nature, and lead to the extinction to one of type of animals or plants. It also can reduce some ecological damage, by the spreading of the seeds of the GM Foods that its naturally spread, it can be spread from insect, water, wind, etc. It could be spread to native plants and this could lead to new modified plants, it damages the balance of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Industry By Attendants-Putrid there is a fear that we will see the emergence of new diseases.

The threat to human health is a worrisome aspect of GM food and one that has received a great deal of controversies. There are some pros and con’s to the use of biotechnology in agriculture and food industry as GM Food, the safety of the food, the impact to the environment, but on the other hand, The GM food currently on the market are mainly aimed at an increased level of food corp. Protection through the introduction of resistance against plant diseases caused by insects or viruses, increased tolerance towards herbicides.

And it is also produce a product with a lower price, better durability and even nutritious. In my opinion, biotechnology is very useful, and has some advantages to develop food industry, by considering the climate changes, we really need a superhero seed that have better durability towards disease, because if once we had failed produce agriculture product in a period, it can cause scarce of food resources for the society, it had a really big impact to the society, but the development of GM food should be guarded by regulations.

As we know, beside the good effect GM food also had some potential disadvantages that threaten environment, and even human health, some society that aware of this, are refuse to buy and use GM food, and this is actually happen in Europe. This controversy are becoming a hot topic among scientist, economist, and environmentalist.

Biotechnology or in this case, I presented about the GM food, are useful and eloping food industry to maintain their product, from the paragraph before I already mentioned that food is one of main needs of human, once we failed to fulfill society needs it can lead to scarce of food resources, that lead to high price of food resources remains. But, on the other hand the development of GM food also had bad effect, it has side effect to the environment, and it also can threaten human health.

My point is its okay to use biotech or GM food on our food industry, it help us to fulfill our main need of food, but we really need to guarded the development, the reduction process, and also the safety test of the GM food, there are no general test that can claim that GM food is fully safe. We need some government regulations for GM food, we need to increase people awareness of GM food, by labeling GM food as GM food, so people that have certain allergies can prevent to buy or consume certain GM food.