Blackberry Marketing Reasearch

All around the world, the telecommunications industry has been one of fierce competition and great innovation. Many companies have expanded their line of services throughout the world and their scope of business surpasses expectations year in year out. One of the companies that have been in the mix of the telecommunications market is Blackberry, backed by RIM Inc. (Research in Motion Inc) Created and based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, this company has have success due to its innovative practices and the uniqueness of its products and services.

Blackberry faces great competition and it has diminished performance in recent years. Still, Blackberry devices are used worldwide and have had a great impact in emerging markets as well as the usual success within the business sector. From Cellophane devices, to software and even tablets, blackberry enjoys a wide range of products and services appealing to many people around the world, as The RIM’s website states, Research In Motion (RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation, revolutionized the mobile industry with the introduction of the BlackBerry@ solution in 1999.

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The BlackBerry product line includes the BlackBerry@ tablet, the ward-winning BlackBerry smartened, software for businesses and accessories. BlackBerry products and services are used by millions of customers around the world to stay connected to the people and content that matter most throughout their day. (Research in Motion Inc. 2012) It is clear how the company portrays itself as innovators and has a decent range of products to compete in the industry which is one of the hardest to compete in. RIM Inc. Also, “provides wireless hardware, software, and services worldwide. ” (Hoovers) Even with its many strategies the company has faced a downward sloping in the financial perspective, even though heir services are reaching new markets and they are still coming up with new devices and new updates. It is hard to estimate the importance that blackberry has had in the business world with such useful devices for companies and business men, as well as other type of sectors that enjoy the use of blackberries.

Indeed, competitors like apple, Samsung and others have made it harder for blackberry to flourish in recent years but there is an element that these devices have and that element is uniqueness; other products in the market are not similar. Another advantage that seems to have maintained blackberry a float is the exclusivity features hat owning a blackberry has, such as special messaging between blackberries and the exclusive keyboard that makes typing of the most easiness and handling.

Moreover, it is important to remark these features and many other to understand the greater picture, which is the crucial role this company has had in the telecoms industry in more than a decade, even when its role is vanishing. RIM’s Blackberry has enjoyed dominance in the telecoms market where it reached a peak in the market in 2009. Their biggest competitors are Apple, Samsung and Monika. The two former have Blackberry Marketing Research By meanness have taken over the dominance that Blackberries had in the past years.

Apple is their fiercest and biggest competitor and has gained a lot of ground in many areas that Blackberries enjoy supremacy, like an article in CNN Money states, “While BlackBerry is making inroads with consumers, the phone is winning over an increasing share of business customers. “(Hempen) it is clear that the functionality that the Phone brings to the table when it comes to business has hit very hard that blackberry had in the business sector, more and more business men are choosing the Phone over blackberry.

After establishing the business market, Blackberry had started enjoying a boom in the day to day consumer usage, but it was out shadowed by apple dominance of the market and the ingenious new technologies it has come up with. The Phone being the biggest competitor to blackberry mobile devices, has had a huge commercial impact in the market because of the technology that brings and the simplicity of it procedures. It is important to remark, also, that these phones are completely different and enjoy unique features that separate one another but at the same time, Phones and Blackberries counterattack each other in the smartened rake.

In the Tablet Market the Pad enjoys a great advantage over blackberry tablet and it is clear that it is soon to be out of the market due to the inability to compete with apple’s tablet. Samsung in the battle of competing for the smartened and telecoms market has had a huge impact with their new technology and appeal to many sector of the population worldwide. Working with the android platform Samsung has managed to be in within the top of the competition in De mobile devices as well as the tablet market. For what is worth, Apple and Samsung have taken over the business and Blackberries have been relegated to third place.

Monika, after having a huge decline after the start of the reign that Apple has started, has come back partnering with windows and creating the windows phones which, although are cheap and up to date technologically, have not have as great impact as the other competitors products have had. Blackberry mobile devices are competing fiercely, even though the competition is really tough. While the android market and the Phone are increasing, blackberry still enjoy a certain separation and uniqueness that separates them.

That’s maybe the reason why they have hung around and have enjoyed success even when apple is crushing sales with the new ‘Phones. Another advantage the Blackberry has over Apple is, as the article also states, “… And because RIM works with every major carrier, consumers are able to buy a subsidized BlackBerry no matter what their plan” (Hempen) which creates an element of increased accessibility to middle to lower classes something that the Phone lacks. But this element has been acquired by Samsung and other phone developers, making it less relevant for Blackberry. A Hidden Competitor, and a huge one at that, is Google.

Google does not develop phones directly but is the developer of the android littoral and their partnership with Samsung and other to create more and more android smoothness is flooding the market with new options for the costumer and less leverage for Blackberries. The dimension of new markets is a good sign for blackberry, because it is having a big impact in new markets of 3rd world countries as well as markets with slow developing mobile networks, which is favorable for RIM because Phones and Androids need more coverage and network implementation due to the globalization and the expansion of technologies around the world.

The consumer market has had a trend for smoothness since the beginning of the aluminum, with the developing of new technologies. Blackberry started out more focused on the business side of the consumer market but it has expanded to a broader audience. But this trend is also experienced by blackberries competitors. The consumer looks for simplicity, but at the same time it looks for innovation. The biggest problem that RIM has had with Blackberries is the lack of innovation and the lack of technological ingenuity that Apple and the android market has had.

Social media and the web accessibility are one of the biggest trends the consumer is looking for when acquiring smoothness and/or mobile devices. Samsung, Apple and Monika specifically have attended making their devices faster, and more compatible with social media usage. Based on that Trend, Blackberries have not had the success and innovation other mobile device developers have had. It is clear that the competition enjoys a slight advantage when it comes to the platform its devices work on.

Moreover, Blackberry platforms aren’t as fast and as “slick” as the ones of the competitors; therefore they are losing the trend battle. Another reason why the platform does not have the ability to sustain the competition is the app world. APS eve become so important for smartened users and they bring a new level of uniqueness to the mobile devices as well as a greater scope of consumer segmentation, where an app can appeal to a kid where another can appeal to adults, so on and so forth.

The Blackberry Approval does not compare with the ‘Store or the android market and others because it does not have the same exuberance and diversity the others enjoy. In an article by Disintegrates. Com it is stated that When it comes to application stores, Apple’s phone is currently king, with more than 250,000 downloads available at the App Store (part of tunes), followed by Google’s Android Market which is closing in on the 100,000 app milestone. BlackBerry App World? 0,000 (Salesman), This makes clear the superiority that the competition possesses over one of the key trends in the smartened and tablet market. One of the key trends where blackberry does enjoy an advantage is in their messenger between Blackberry devices. Blackberry Messenger or IBM is the main reason why blackberry appealed to a broader multitude. Its sense of exclusivity and capability of effective communication on the go and with others so directly have given the Blackberry mobile devices a new dimension which the others don’t have a reach to.

It seems too simple but, indeed, this feature has kept the RIM’s Mobile device competitive in the market and appealed to so many costumers. It facilitates international communication which is another important aspect that consumers are appealing for. Based on the BCC matrix, RIM’s blackberry brand products fall in different categories. Starting with the smoothness market, it keeps growing and growing and there seems to be no limit to where it is going to go.

In that market, even though blackberries are losing ground to Apple and androids, they are still in high demand but the performance is starting to the low side; not quite yet. This means that the smoothness are the star for RIM, they are still where to company is basing their biggest hopes and where there is a lot more room for improvement. The diversity of smoothness and the level of accessibility make it a category to focus on for RIM. Or Bold, which are of a higher level of efficiency and technology, RIM has where to choose from to improve and keep growing.

Software are the question mark of the company because the software market keeps growing, especially in the past few years where new and better software have been created and new technologies have been developed. RIM still competes in this market and does have a chance to develop a better product, but the share is not high due to the, sort of, monopoly apple and Microsoft and others have. The question mark is, should RIM develop more efficient Blackberry software that can be in the top of the competition with windows and apple?

Or should they Just focus on the broader scope of the smoothness? The last product to focus on is the blackberry tablets which are the dogs of the company. These have no chance to compete in the tablet world, because it is a too dominated market. Apple’s ‘pad and other tablets have too many steps in advance compared to he Blackberry Playbook and it is far too behind to compete. The market for tablets is shrinking to a more monopolized environment and the market share for Blackberry Playbook Tablets is less than good.

Therefore the company should not focus in this product because it will not become a cow or a star, it will Just stall. Moreover, it is appropriate to indicate that there is a slight chance of improvement in this product but it will require too much money and risk as well as technological improvements, which in this case are is not worth the chance. There can be an assessment too, based on Nations Opportunity Matrix. When it comes to Market Penetration, the best choice has to be the Blackberry Smoothness because there should be an increased approach of marketing towards them.

People still buy blackberry smoothness, it is just a matter of advertisement and marketing strategies to increase sales and keep them competitive in the market. The biggest chance for blackberry to compete in the industry is to penetrate more the market with the existing smoothness. Market development should go for the software because it is a product with moderate performances compared to others, but not many people or companies know much about it. The software by RIM should, indeed, search for new market to increase the reach of the product and then present new features and new upgrades.

It will appeal to many businesses and also, specifically, to personal users such as personal computers. The software option for blackberry is not dead It is Just not explored enough. The tablets, as a last resort, could be favored by diversification. Such as Apple is doing with the ‘pad and the ‘pad mint, the Blackberry playbook should offer new options and new features for new markets. The playbook mainly appeals to some business men that still trust Blackberry products, but a new product within this nine into new markets can give back live to this part of the company.

It is a huge investment, indeed, but if RIM wants to keep competing in the tablets market, these strategies should be applied. New products in existing markets are something that RMI should not get in. Product development should follow the former mentioned because if the tablet market does not function for RIM they should think of new products, maybe not products per say, but services such as consulting which is a flourishing market within the telecoms market.