Blood Bank Management System

They should gradually phase out directive). Efforts should be directed towards encouraging and retaining adequate numbers of repeat donors. Donors should be appropriately recognized and felicitated for their contribution Following guidelines should be observed in order to determine that the blood donation will not be detrimental to the donors/recipients.

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BOMB 0 0 Identification of professional donor using bio metric Automatic identification of already registered donor and getting the clinical information from PER Auto generation of mail as per the schedule 8-3 Dynamic examination & questionnaire tile as per NACHO guidelines based on donor yep, donation type and donor gender Configurable blocking Days according to gender, last donation type and donation component In case if donor is also a patient in hospital then system will automatically check clinical guidelines from PER.

Donation can only captured after the generation of bag labels and mapping of bag tubing no. C-6. O The blood samples in the pilot tubes (clotted and 0 anticoagulants) should be collected at the time of collection of blood by the same person who collects blood. They should be marked before collection to be identified with the unit of blood… 32