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In Pakistan, Face book is the second most visited website after Google, said Aziza Header Khan, Marketing Specialist Dell Pakistan one of the top five brands on Face book In Pakistan, according to social bakers. “Our presence on Face book gives us the ability to reach and inform users about our products, generate leads and provides quick support,” Khan said – Dell Pakistan has about 200,000 face book fans, according to social bakers that compiles and updates social media statistics. Talking about their presence on social media, Khan said, visiting social networks Is becoming more popular than e-mail website and search engines. People trust recommendations more than advertisement,” he said. Social outworking sites like Face book and Twitter are where people love to ‘like’ and ‘recommend’, he added. “Reach, relevance and effectiveness of the medium are other reasons for our presence on FEB.,” he added. According to social bakers, the number of Face book users in Pakistan has crossed six million. The website says 51% of total users are from the 18 to 24 age bracket – one of the main reasons for telecoms companies’ strong presence on Face book for they target the youth. Telecoms firms Boone, Telethons D]ulcer and Gong, according to statistics, are the top three brands on

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Backbone in Pakistan with 405,928, 233,640 and 221 , 199 fans, respectively. “Social media is fast changing the landscape and dynamics of media in Pakistan by providing interactive, two-way experience and that too at a fraction of the cost of traditional media,” said Telethon Pakistan Director Marketing Susan Java. “Social media is a very interactive platform where feedback is immediate,” Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) President for IT and TIES Johan AR said. It provides businesses the kind of engagement with customers not provided by television or ring media, she added.

Social media Is particularly popular In youth, which Is why all the telecoms companies – whose main customer base is youth – have their presence on it, president P@SHA said. However, they have to maintain their Backbone presence several times a day with new ideas and updates, she said, they also find out Immediately what customers Like and what they don’t thus gauge customers taste. While the top five brands Backbone brands In the country represent technology companies, host of other small- and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals eave a significant representation on Backbone to promote their brands.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 14th, 2012. SUMMARY: Conversation is the one word to summarize why social media is so important, social media is kind of a technical revolution in the marketing world, it has removed the establishes direct relation with the end-user allowing a direct feedback to consumers. By developing social website fan page companies receives a lot of queries and fans often express their reactions and emotions about a products of services that will help further development of products or service or building brand image.