Holiday Inn is a multinational brand of hotels that is run by the Intercontinental Hotels Group (GIG). The Intercontinental Hotels Group carries the Holiday Inn throughout the world to different destinations like South Asia, Europe and the Americas. They provide the guest with different brands that cater to their needs. There are 7 different brands throughout the world that provide services such as food and beverage, lodging, conventions, meetings and timeshares. These brands are Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, Holiday Inn Resort, Holiday Inn Select,

Holiday Inn Sunscreen Resorts, Holiday Inn Garden Court, Holiday Inn Express. Commons Wilson founded Holiday Inn in 1952 in Memphis Tennessee. Willow’s architect Eddie Blessing named it after the musical film Holiday Inn as a Joke and stuck with the name until this day. After the first motel was built the expansion of the Holiday Inn Empire began to grow. In 1991 Intercontinental Hotels Group took over the Holiday Inn hotels and started to expand internationally. The companies core business is service.

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While their main focus is service they do sell merchandise in their gift shops supporting the Holiday Inn business. By providing excellent customer service to guests, guests remember the holiday inn brand and want to continue to come back and stay. The customers of the holiday inn vary from region to region and from the different brands that the holiday inn represents. For example the Holiday Inn conference center in Barrier caters towards business forward individuals. This particular holiday inn offers private meetings rooms and large conference rooms.

But the Holiday Inn Sunscreen Resorts that are in the Caribbean would cater towards tourists. The main customer that visits Holiday Inn is male, between the ages of 40-50 with a household income of $75,000 or more. They also have a college educational . Most of the Holiday Inn’s have similar or the same facilities, they offer indoor swimming pools, guest rooms, exercise rooms, onsite food and beverage centers (restaurants), gift shops, and staff that cater to the guests every need. Holiday Inn is part business and leisure industry.

Their main business is the commitment to their guests’ needs and pleasures. Holiday Inn’s main competitors are other hotels and motels. The top five hotel chains are the Holiday Inn and GIG, Best Western, Marriott Hotels Resorts, Comfort Inns and Suites, and Hilton Hotels and Resorts. These hotel brands are in constant competition with each other. Holiday Inn prides itself on its excellent customer service as a differentiator between these hotels. Not only do other hotels compete with Holiday Inn, motels and other resorts do as well.

Many people believe that the holiday inn is lower than some of the high- end brands like the Marriott. In fact, the Marriott and Holiday Inn are in direct competition with each other and have very similar statistics. For instance the Marriott is said to have all of the business consumers (41 but the holiday inn actually as 40% of those business consumers. As their brand has already grown world wide, the main focus on the Holiday Inn is how to improve their already standing hotels to accommodate the guest better.