Brazilian wealth management industry to prosper in the coming

The report analyzes the wealth management market In the country and highlights the key factors driving the economy. For more details on the content of each report and ordering information please contact: Phone: +91 22 4098 7600 E-Mall: customerservice@researchonglobalmarkets. Com Related Link : http://vim. Archaeological. Com/Brazil-2014-wealth-book. HTML Market trends As of 2013 there were 191,703 Hands in Brazil, together holding a total of USED $966 billion In wealth.

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This was a fall from the initial years’ numbers by 1. 3% which was mainly due to a few setbacks that the country faced which Included complexities Like Inflation, trade deficit and low GAP growth as well as frequent anti-government protests that plagued the country. During this time Brazilian multimillionaire Eek Batista lost more than USED 20 billion, holding the non-official record of being the single largest loss of personal wealth for 2012.

The wealth management industry is mainly driven by a high interest from domestic players who are looking to strengthen their position, as well as foreign players who are looking to expand. Foreign firms have encountered strong competition from local firms; besides red-Tablas has been responsible for stalling activity and thwarting growth. Key players Participants in the Brazilian wealth management industry operate one of three efferent business models: an integrated private bank, an asset manager, or a brokerage.

The leading competitors include Brocades Private Bank, Learns Investments, Suntanned Private Banking and Versus Gestapo De Patrimonial, which dominate the market driving the market trends. Key opportunities At the end of 201 3, Brazilian Hands held 22. 6% (USED 219 billion) of their wealth outside their home country, which is in tune with the global average of 20-30%. Growth In HON. wealth and volumes Is set to Improve over the forecast period by 17% to reach 233,837 by 2018, and HON. wealth is expected to grow by 27% to reach USED 1. 32 trillion by 2018.

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