Buiness Managment Project Management

Scoping the project Planning the project Implementing the plan Evaluating the project 2) Explain briefly each cycle Scoping the project, during the planning stage of a project the scope must be defined. This was done by using the work break down structure (WEBS). The work break down will cover all tasks that must be completed in order to form the project I. E. The scope. The work break down structure divides the project into tasks that are hen broken down further into smaller work packages. Objectives for the project must also be set.

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One method of doing this is SMART which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding and time bound. Another analysis tool is PESTLE which stands for political, economic, social, technology, legislative and environmental Planning the project, this can be done with serial methods below are some of the following : Fluid force analysis’s (what Is acting In your favor and what Is acting against you) The ACS consider , consult , crunch , communicate , check The Ism’s chicanery, manpower, materials, methods, money Pert diagrams (programmer evaluation review technique) allows smaller tasks to be completed simultaneously.

Grant charts. Implementing the plan, the g’s are used to achieve these are strategy, systems, staff, skills, styles, shared values and structure. Evaluating the project is important so that you can learn from mistakes. This can be done by using root cause problem solving. A technique that is used to find out what went wrong by asking the question why?