Scenario: Your company provides you with a computer and email address for business use. The company recently published a policy concerning email usage, emphasizing that usage should be strictly for business purposes and not for personal use. Your co-worker continues to use his computer for personal emails, jokes, and internet surfing. What is your reaction – tell the supervisor, keep your mouth shut, speak to the co-worker? Explain. Be sure there are at least 50 words in your response to the scenario in order to be eligible for full credit.

If I noticed a co-worker using the company computers for personal pleasure, I would keep my mouth shut. Speaking from experience, not everyone welcomes friendly advice. I have learned that talking to a co-worker about their poor time management skills could lead to a hostile work environment and I do not need the added stress. I go to work to do my Job, therefore I do not involve myself in others business. I feel that it is the Supervisors Job to notice such behavior and deal with it accordingly. No,

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I do not agree with the misuse of the computers but I wouldn’t worry myself about it because eventually they will get caught and reprimanded. Crystal, I agree all employees should have respect for their employers and the rules that are outlined. As you stated, it is not fair to you or other workers. Your response was well written. I found three errors. Your first sentence was long and I think it is a run-on. I highlighted the word blatantly because I think that you could use the word flagrant instead.

I believe that I would initially try to keep my mouth shut about the whole scenario and stay away from that coworker but If (301- Capitalization) the coworker’s behavior continued on a daily basis, (133- Compound Complex Sentences/Semicolons) I would probably have a talk with him or her. I do not believe it to be fair that something is against the rules and someone else blatantly (1101- Usage) disregards them. If l, as an individual and employee have respect for my employers and the rules that are established, so should all the rest of the employees.